Gadgets :: 2015 November 16

If you don’t have any aches and pains today, you’re lucky but stand by since they are on the way.

In the mean time, for my middle-aged aches and pains I gave the BioCare Systems, Inc. LumiWave a try to get some relief.

It’s a simple device, easy to use, works well and pretty much provides immediate relief.

Let me also add, I’m not a doctor, I don’t want to be a doctor and I’m not attempting to be a doctor. I just have a lot of aches and pains.

According to BioCare Systems, this is “The first medical grade LED-powered pain relief device available at an affordable price, FDA cleared for over-the-counter purchase by all.”

They have also noted, “LumiWave produces no known side effects. When used as di-rected, LumiWave safely reduces pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.”

The device has patented LED infrared technology, which you apply to the area where you feel pain. In my case, I used it on my lower back where it heated and stimulated that area.

It’s recommended to use for 20 minutes, twice daily and I’ll be honest, I used it longer because I liked it.

To get it going, plug it into a standard AC wall outlet. A few beeps told me to choose how long my session will be and a few beeps when it’s over.

The infrared lights apply a small amount of heat to the area, which in theory helps stimulate blood flow and pain relief.

The AC powered LumiWave is available in two versions: the original 200 LED has four pods of 50 LEDs each and a double 400 LED with eight pods of 50 LEDs each for a larger coverage area available for pre-order now through December with delivery by Christmas, $299 for the single version and $449 for the double

Monster, the company that created the Beats sound and related products, now rolls out another winner with the SoundStage speaker system.

The SoundStage line comes in three speakers, the S1 ($249.95) as tested, the S2 ($299.95) and the biggest of the family, the S3 ($399.95).

They all sound great, looks great and are simple to use. After an easy pairing setup you’re done. S1 is a party in a box with big time sound from a portable desktop speaker.

Bigger is bigger for sure in this case since the bigger speakers have more features and more sound.

When I first read the press release, I loved how Monster described the sound as “ex-treme clarity, tight articulation and deep pounding bass,” which is a perfect description.

While this is a Bluetooth speaker first and foremost, it’s a whole lot more if you combine it with the Monster SoundStage app (free Apple App Store and Google play).

After a simple easy setup with your existing WiFi, the SoundStage shows up on your list of wireless networks and it’s just choose and play from there.

You’ll have the ability to stream your audio by using your smartphone, tablet or anything you connect to your home network as your wireless remote.

You can also stream with Bluetooth or the old fashioned analog system with the 3.5 mm audio cable connection.

Another aspect to the system is that it allows up to 10 speakers to be used together let-ting you play different songs to different speakers (hopefully you put them in different rooms) or the same song to every speaker in the house.

Up to four streaming music sources can be used simultaneously.

While the looks have nothing to do with the sound, the curves, lines and design of the speaker make it look like a work of art. The S1 measures 11.5 x 4.875 x 3.5-inches and can sit flat or comes with wall mounting hardware.

There’s also a USB charging port on the backside to use with your own cable.

~Gregg Ellman


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