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iZZi Orbit ProThe IZZI Orbit Pro iPhone 5/5s case has been out for a little while but I got my first glance at it recently. It shows how serious iPhonegraphers can take their photos with the hand-held device.

While smartphones don’t really produce the image quality of a standalone camera, even of the point-n-shoot category, your phone is always handy with its camera functions and instant access.

Structurally, the case is an incredibly strong outer shell of aircraft-grade aluminum. Built into the case is a stabilizing grip on the bottom with three tripod mounts to attach your tripod on both sides and the bottom. Your phone goes into a rubber shell, which then goes into the stronger outer shell.

What makes this device unique for photography is the four lens Pro-Grade system mounted directly on the camera with the company’s peripheral motion lock technology.

The rotating lens includes a telephoto, fisheye and macro. A wide-angle lens gives you a fourth option by screwing a small attachment onto the macro, if that view is needed.

Specifically, you get a 180-degree fisheye view, a 67X wide-wide angle lens, a 2X optical telephoto lens and the macro for closeups.

The case is bulky and you probably can’t store it in your pocket so I wouldn’t use it as my everyday case. But if you’re on a vacation or a day of sightseeing, a switch to the Orbit Pro would be easy,

The little brother IZZI Slim is on the way and available for pre-order for $99.99. The slim has the lens attachments but without the metal case construction and the tripod attachments.

Instead it has a polycarbonate case (black or white choices) with the rotating lens attachments. $229.99 available in black, red and silver. A lanyard and lens cleaning cloth are included.

TYPO keyboardThe TYPO keyboard case for the iPhone 5/5s is claimed to be the first physical keyboard for an iPhone, according to the company.

At a first glance, they keyboard is a spitting image of a standard Blackberry keyboard, which is a great device for hardcore Blackberry users to get into the iPhone world.

It’s a common problem to get used to the touch-screen keyboard and even do it with speed – assuming you’re not a teenager. The TYPO is the perfect solution and works real well.

The keyboard looks like the iconic Blackberry (I admit, I was a user for a long time) and had keys, which your fingers can easily adjust to – much easier then the virtual keyboard.

It brought back memories of how I used to type and it took a little while to adjust back, but after a few typos I was there.

The backlit keyboard is built into a hard shell case, which has two pieces that slide together. When it’s attached it extends your phone about a half-inch longer. But all-in-all that’s a good thing since it give you a 40 percent larger screen since you don’t have the virtual screen on your LCD. $99 They are currently on backorder and are taking orders, which are expected to be available in mid-March.

EVUTECI might as well make this an all iPhone 5/5s accessory column since I have a few other cool things in hand.

The Evutec Karbon SP series is a sharp looking and shockproof case built with a slim 2mm layered body in a black and gray weave, scratch-resistant pattern.

It’s built with DuPont Kevlar fibers, which is promoted to be 5X strong than steel at the same weight. If anyone wants to challenge that statement, go for it. $39.95 available in multiple patterns and colors.

ZAGG Arsenal 2ZAGGs new Arsenal case for the iPhone 5/5s sounds like a rugged case just from the name and it is just that.

It’s made to be durable for impact, small drops and splash resistant with its military grade construction outer shell. A soft cushioned interior holds your phone in place.

An invisibleSHIELD EXTREME screen protector is included to keep your valuable LCD shock resistant, break protected, and touchscreen sensitive. $49.99

NUEVUEThe NUEVUE pouch case is a pretty cool design and it even kills germs. You keep your phone pretty much naked and it slides in and out of the pouch.

But the cool thing is the interior of the pouch is Antimicrobial protected and lined with a microfiber-like cloth to clean your phone from fingerprints, dust and dirt as it slides in and out.

The exterior case is made with cotton twill, canvas and leather. $45 for the iPhone 5/5s model

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