Gadgets:: A mouse that does double-duty when needed


IRIScan MouseWith the I.R.I.S. IRIScan wired mouse you get all the basics want including scrolling, left and right clicks.  But what makes this mouse stand out is the option to use it for simple scanning.

The Windows (8/7/Vista/XP) compatible mouse takes a quick setup with the included software CD; then plug it in your USB port, mouse-N-scan.

It looks and measures just like any other mouse, is built with an ergonomic design to fit in your hand comfortably and has a small scanner visible on the bottom.

To scan, press the scan button and roll it over whatever you want scanned into your computer. It only took me a few scans to get the right speed down.

Scans are done at up to 300 dpi so it won’t make an ideal solution for scanning your family photo archive. It does do a great job with business cards where you can drop them directly into programs such as Microsoft Word or Outlook for instant editing.

Also included is I.R.I.S. OCR software to edit your scans into PDF’s, JPGs or most any format your programs will need.

For me, I see this as a great work travel accessory to keep up with the never ending expense report receipts. $79

Pro DSLR Battery HolderThink Tank Photo understands the accessory world for digital photography is never ending. Earlier this spring the company introduced a few handy accessories to kelp your keep your camera bag organized so you can easily find what you need.

The Pixel Pocket Rocket folding memory card wallet ($18.75) holds up to 10 Compact Flash or smaller (SD/SDXC/XQD, etc.) memory cards.

Each compartment has a clear covering to identify what card is where and the whole wallet folds up to fit in a pocket, camera bag and even tethered for extra security with the included hook.

The Pro DSLR battery holder ($17.50) is built to hold a pair of the bigger camera batteries in similar designed pouch and also folds up for easy storage.

For users of the standard size DSLR batteries, the company previously announced the DSLR Battery Holder 4 ($16.50).

Low Rider StrapThe innovative Low Rider Strap ($29.75) brings everything together when traveling.

At first glance it looks like a standard shoulder strap, and works great as such. But after attaching it to your shoulder bag, a unique split-pad strap design lets you attach the same strap to most rolling luggage handles.

After they are combined you’ll have a much better balanced set of rolling luggage with a low-set load.

As with any Think Tank product, they are incredibly well designed and constructed with strong stitching, hardware and water resistant covering.

Ferrari by Logic3When you buy a Ferrari, you would expect to get luxury and for a whole lot less than the four-wheeled version, $399 will get you luxury over your ears with the new by Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones by LOGIC3.

First the design and look: according to the company they were inspired and designed by the car’s careful craftsmanship, sumptuous leather and beautifully honed surfaces and a quick glance at them confirms this.

They are stunning in design and back up the design with what’s most important; a dynamic crystal-clear sound.

Inside each ultra-soft padded ear is a 40mm driver, which has a closed-back design to seal the ear pads, preventing loss of music dynamics.

Along with the headphones come 1-button and 3-button in-line remotes for mobile and media players, designed with anti-tangle woven fabrics. A few other cables and attachments are included for just about any connection you need.

A hard carrying case (with the Ferrari logo of course) is included and a pair of AAA batteries. in black or tan



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