Gadgets :: February 19, 2020

by Gregg Ellman

I have stress and wear earbuds often so I’m thinking Xen by Neuvana with stress reducing earbuds seems like a perfect combination. They are specifically designed to gently stimulate a branch of the vagus nerve after properly paired with the Neuvana App on your smartphone, 

They are a new wellness product designed to help improve sleep, reduce stress, boost your mood, and enhance your focus. One of the many great features is that the system can be used any time of the day. Just stay away from chores like as driving and any other machinery operating responsibilities within a half hour after use.

According to Xen, they were Invented by a top cardiac surgeon and backed by science. Xen uses a revolutionary platform that sends a gentle, calming electrical signal via patented earbuds, targeting a branch of the vagus nerve in the ear. This product syncs vagus nerve stimulation with your music and can easily be integrated into your daily routine, promoting balance and relaxation while commuting, working at your desk, watching TV, or just hanging out with friends.

So the plan and point here is what are they and what do they do

Once you are connected and working with your playlists, Xen has several wellness benefits, according to Neuvana. They are better sleep, which I’ll always get in the front of the line for. Using Xen before bedtime may improve the quality of your sleep.

For less stress, Xen may make stress more manageable and help your body recover from stressful events. With more tranquility, Xen may make you feel less anxious and help your body cope with the effects of stress.

And reduced cravings is just another request (there are more) you’ll get with using the Xen Box Set Tune in to Wellness. Xen may help you replace your cravings with positive thoughts, making it easier to avoid the negative things you crave.

The Xen’s come complete with a Xen, headphones with a USB-C connection, multiple sized ear-tips, stands, guides and charging hardware (USB-C). They are compatible with many iPhones iPod touches and Android devices with minimum of OS 5.

The setup is pretty straight forward, charging, connection, downloading and installing a companion app, pairing and using. The app walks you through the steps seamlessly, but you need to follow along as you’ll have a lot of options and service choices.

Neuvana recommends starting with 15-minute sessions twice a day and then increase the amount over time as your comfort level increases along with the time of the sessions.

As you become more accustomed to the product, you may gradually increase the time per session. To be on the safe side, Xen should not be used more than 30 minutes at a time.

The big question in my mind past setup and using is how I feel after a session. According to Xen, the electrical signal is described as tingling or tickling in the ear. The intensity can be adjusted up or down during your session, to your comfort level. Some Xen users describe a calm feeling within minutes of starting a session, and the calmness can last a half hour or more after the session ends. Many users find that daily use over a period of several weeks promotes a stronger sense of wellbeing.

But it is clearly pointed out by Xen, “If you have a medical condition and/or take prescription medications, you should talk to your doctor before purchasing or using Xen, and it’s designed and intended to use by individuals 18 years or older.”

Since this is a health product, I’ll try and stay away from a direct endorsement, I don’t have the medical education, but I’m always searching for an area to help me in categories like many mentioned above.

I have positive vibes from the Xen by Neuvana and look forward to a long term relationship of testing, followed by success. $399.99

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