Gadgets :: April 4, 2018

by Gregg Ellman

The limited edition olloclip Filmer’s Kit for iPhone (iPhone 8/7 or 8 Plus/7 Plus) lets iPhoneographers reach new potential when capturing images and videos.

The ultra-portable kit has all the basics and essentials you’ll need. A core lens set has a fisheye, super-wide and a macro 15X lens, an active lens set with an ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. You also get a pivot articulating mobile video grip with 225-degree articulation .

All this comes in a really nice Olloclip hard case, made with a compression molded shell with die-cut EVA foam padding on the inside. This ensures everything stays in place inside the case and is perfect for storage and travel.

Now that you know what comes with this awesome, easy-to-use kit, using it is simple for everyone from beginners to the most advanced iPhoneographers and videographers.

Olloclip calls itself a company committed to finding new and exciting ways to make inspiring videos and photos fun and easy to capture on your mobile device. I’ve previously used many olloclip devices and after using the Filmer’s Kit, olloclip remains true to the word.

Each lens is unique and as a group allows you to photograph the tiniest details with a macro; the telephoto lens brings your subject to you and landscapes are eye popping.

A bracket is included to attach each lens right onto your smartphone scratch-free. When using the grip, any smartphone 4 to 5.5-inches in size will work in the universal clamp, and will not scratch or damage your phone.

Some details on the lenses; the fisheye has a near 180-degree view, super wide is an advanced 4-element lens with just over 120-degree field-of-view, the macro has a 15X magnification, the ultra wide has a 155-degree view and the telephoto is a 2X optical zoom.

While they all worked to perfections, I’m a person who likes a shallow depth-of-field and the telephoto was great to achieve that, so that became my instant favorite if I had to pick one. But they all are special and a great addition to the iPhone’s built-in camera lens.

The Filmer’s kit is a limited edition, with only 2,000 made and only available at Apple retail location for $199.95

The Thinium Technologies ReCHARGE Plus 2.0 cordless phone charger is the perfect companion to iPhone photographers or anyone who powers through the smartphone’s built-in battery.

The ultra thin (5.3-by-2.5-by-0.5-inches) ReCHARGE Plus 2.0 stands out with a truly 100-percent cord free design. It even has built-in retractable folding prongs for connecting it to any standard electrical wall plug for charging the battery.

Inside is a 3,000 mAh battery but what makes the battery stand out is its patented design with interchangeable adapters (micro and type-C), making the power source compatible for Apple iOS and Android users.

Charging can be done while you’re docked just to the battery (which can also be used while talking on the smartphone) or while docked to the battery and connected to wall power for charging both simultaneously. $69.99, available in black or camo

The Soul X-SHOCK earbuds are a solid addition to the new and growing category of true wireless earbuds. This means there’s not even a wire connecting each ear, just put each of the earbuds in your ears, pair it with your mobile device and hit play.

You may fear they might will fall out, which has always been my question with true wireless, their ergonomic design helps them stay in place. I tried them while flying, mowing my lawn and a short bike ride, all with success.

The Bluetooth wireless noise isolation sound, with a good amount of bass sent to each earbud, is excellent and the battery life seemed like it never ended.

There’s a 3,000 mAh battery in the case, good for 18 charges before the pocket sized case needs a charge. The case also has a USB port for charging other devices and the case stores the weatherproof earbuds when not in use. $149.99

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