Gadgets :: July 19, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

Often readers ask me if they really need an item I’ve mentioned previously. For the most part, I won’t decide that for people. But in the case of the Orbit Bluetooth key finder, don’t bother emailing me because yes, you need it. My wife will tell you I need it.

Using the Orbit is simple; just attach it (1.3-inches in diameter, 0.35-inches thick) to your keyring and link it with the free Orbit app (Google Play and App Store).

Once you realize your keys aren’t in your pocket or within site, launch the app and make it ring or look at the last location spotted on a map. The Orbit has a 100-foot radius.

A nice feature in the app settings is the separation alarm. This lets you set the Orbit and smartphone to ring when they reach the 100-foot separation radius. With the safe zone setting turned on you can exceed the 100-foot zone, enabling you to walk keyless at home, work, etc.

The app shows you the location on a map or its last location within range, signal strength, distance and the battery level.

You can also work it in reverse. If you have the keyring with the Orbit in hand but can’t find your phone, just press it to make your phone ring.

And one more thing, you can use the Orbit to fire your smartphones camera.

The Orbit ($29.99) is available in 12 colors with a splash-proof anodised aluminum body and has a six-month coin battery (CR 2025), which is easily replaced. There are15 ringtone alarms to choose from,

You don’t have to limit the Orbit to your keys – attach it to whatever you misplace. Order me a dozen!

The Orbit Wallet has multiple compartments for cash, a driver’s license, receipts and credit card slots with RFID blocking technology.

Built into the wallet is the Orbit Bluetooth finder (same as in the key finder) and it works exactly as mentioned above with the Orbit app.

In addition, it has a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable battery for smartphone charging. Both mirco USB and iPhone lighting adapters are built into the battery for an easy connection and cable-free travel.

A USB connection is included for charging the battery, which has a display to remind you a charge is needed.

The smartphone wallet (4.13-by-3.94-by-0.67-inches) is available in black, dark blue and dark brown for $109.99

BodyGuardz has recently launched the Trainr Pro high-performance case for the iPhone 6/6S Plus and 7/7 Plus.

The innovative high-impact case is made with sport-grip materials and features a clear polycarbonate back.

Unlike other systems that require you to remove your phone from a case and slide it into a pocket, this case snaps in (and out) with ease from a lightweight, removable armband. The armband is soft on your arm and is adjustable with Velcro.

The Trainr Pro armband is perfect for biking, running or walking and allows access to the screen itself, not an extra later of plastic, which has always given me problems.

On its own, the case has a low-profile design but has full protection, for which BodyGuardz is an industry leader. Outside of the shock-absorbing (drop rated to 10 feet) case is durable sport-grip elastomer, perfect for a secure hold and a stylish look. $49.95 available in black/gray and gray/mint combinations

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