Gadgets :: May 17, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

Jabra calls its Elite Sport wireless earbuds the most technically advanced true wireless sport earbuds, with features far beyond just great sound making these an amazing product.

True wireless means really wireless; there’s not even a cable connecting each earbud. They sit in your ear independently and are paired with Bluetooth 4.1.

Sound quality is obviously first and foremost in importance and they have outstanding passive noise cancelation sound, which I’ve come to expect from Jabra products.

Multiple sets of silicon gels, foam tips and secure fit wings are included to ensure the right fit, which is especially critical when exercising.

Each earbud is sweat- and water-resistant (IP67 rated) and microphones with advanced noise cancellation technology are built-in for handsfree calls. Register the earbuds to activate a 3-year warranty against sweat damage

You can use the earbuds as a pair of just one. A feature I really like is audio pass through. With the press of a button it’s activated to hear the ambient sound around you, while also hearing your music selection.

The features beyond the sound really make these stand out, which in a way is like having a fitness monitor in your ears. The wireless earbuds work as an in-ear heart rate monitor, along with the Jabra Sport Life to keep on top of various health features.

The iOS and Android app provides in-ear fitness coaching and integrated training management on times, speed, distance, calories burned, workout goals and results.

You’ll get up to three hours of music/talk time before a charge is needed and the included pocket sized case doubles as a charger for providing power for an additional 6 hours.

Controlling music, calls, pairing, Siri/Google Now and app controls are done right on the earbud. $249.99

tog-whtThe Switchmate light control system has to be the easiest smart home accessory I’ve found for controlling standard household like switches.

The installation is promoted to take one-second, which is accurate since all you do is snap it over an existing light switch and it magnetically stays in place. Just as the instructions say: no tools, no wiring, and no WiFi needed.

The connection from your smartphone to the Switchmate is done with Bluetooth, so you’ll have to be within range for a connection. According to the Switchmate site, they are working to expand the range, so it can be used anywhere with an Internet connection.

Download the app for your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play to set up when you turn the lights on or off and set up schedules with preset times. The app walks you through the full installation and setup.

You can allow the Switchmate to know when you arrive home, enabling it to have the lights come on, which can be really helpful enabling a home’s outside lights to be on at night. Or you can choose to have lights come on at sunset and off at sunrise.

I used the Switchmate with a standard toggle light switch and it’s also compatible with rocker switches. $39.99, available in white or ivory

Olloclip is the undisputed leader for iPhone photography lens accessories.

The Core lens set has gotten an upgrade, giving the multiple lens set improved optics. Interchangeable lenses in the connect lens system include a super-wide angle (120-degree view), fisheye (near 180-degrees) and macro (15x) lens.core-horizontal-exploded-black-01

Each lens has a premium multi-element coated glass options, which help create high-quality images.

If you’re not familiar with the Olloclip system, it’s incredibly easy, with lenses that slip on and off your iPhone’s front and rear-facing cameras. $99.99 for the iPhone 7/7 Plus Core Lens Set

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