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Gadgets :: May 30, 2018

By Gregg Ellman

When I was told about the product Norshire, a multi-functional portable gadget that can even wash your car, I didn’t believe it. But I believe it now.

The 4-in-1 kit also has a power bank, jump starts your car and has a warning sign system.

The Norshire system main piece of hardware, which is essentially the control center, measures 9.5-inches round by 2.75-inches deep and weighs around 3 pounds so it’s portable and compact to keep tucked away in your trunk or under a seat. 

A power button is on the side with USB ports and a USB connection for charging the Norshire itself with the included cable and AC connection. It’s made of ABS material and resistant to shock and high temperature, according to a recent company press release. 

The warning system is something you think you’ll never need, until you need it. On the back there’s a reflective triangle, which you can stand up sideways to alert oncoming motorists during a roadside emergency.

Inside the Norshire is a built-in 11000mAh lithium battery power bank, which in this day and age, has an endless amount of uses. With its pair of built-in USB ports you can power smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras or most any portable USB charging device. If you have portable emergency lights (not included) with you during a breakdown, they can be plugged in to assist your safety during a roadside emergency.

The 11000mAh should be enough to charge a smart phone several times and a digital camera at the same with, with more than enough power left to do it again. Using it during a camping trip will let you power up some portable cooking devices, fans and sound systems.

A set of jump starter clamps, with a 9-inch cable is also included. The clamps have a connection on the other end of the cable to plug right into the 12V connection on the Norshire battery.  

When you connect the cable to the battery, you’ll notice one of the connections is round and the other has a flat side, which ensures you can’t connect them wrong. Once the cables are connected, place the battery close by and you’re set up to jump start your car from home or any location where your car battery fails you. 

Fortunately, I didn’t have a dead car battery (I know I’m jinxing myself) to test this, but I’ve tried other portable battery systems, so I have no reason to believe this one won’t work just as well.

The car wash system is what I loved about it and really makes this gadget unique. Accessories included to make this happen is a washer gun, hose attachments and a foaming bottle. It’s obvious how you connect everything but to be safe, follow the directions to ensure it’s correct. The whole setup takes about a minute.

Assuming you have the battery fully charged, you can wash away for up to an hour.

Some features of the car wash system: the washer gun has three presets – spray brush, spray gun and high-pressure mode, which make it helpful depending on what part needs the cleaning. Obviously you need some water and a bucket (not included) to work with the Norshire setup.

The cleaning system isn’t limited to your car. Windows or outside furniture are among endless dirty suspects you can clean up. Lets just say my patio furniture hasn’t look as clean since the day it was purchased.

Remember, just like any other portable electronics device, the key to the system is keeping the Norshire charged, which can take a few hours with a battery this powerful. $99

I’ve been a big fan of Honeywell Lyric home security cameras because they are simple to set up and work well.  Now they got even better and easier to use with a newly updated app.

If you have your smartphone set to auto update the app is probably already updated, otherwise go to the app store and you’ll see it there. The new and free Honeywell Home app replaces the Lyric app with a new looks and easy control of your security system.

The app controls Honeywells smart home devices including cameras, thermostats and water leak detectors.

New to the app is the Honeywell Membership, which lets customers choose from two video storage plans for their Lyric C1, C2 cameras, which can be added to the free 24 hour storage already provided for up to 50 clips.

The new plans include the standard plan for $4.99 per month for 1 camera and up to 1500 clips, the premium plan is $14.99 for 60 days for multiple cameras and up to 3000 clips. 

Overall, the app has a user friendly interface, with button and controls very easy to understand. 

Gadgets :: May 1, 2018

Logitech’s MX Ergo is a perfect choice for a wireless trackball mouse. And if you’ve never used a trackball mouse, you need to; don’t be intimidated by its appearance. 

The ergonomic mouse comfortably sits in your hand, which Logitech states delivers 20 percent less muscular strain than a regular mouse.

To help achieve the comfort, the MX Ergo is build with an adjustable hinge for personalization. This includes getting the right angle between zero and 20 degrees. You might not think a mouse with adjustments is necessary, but after you use it for a few minutes, you’ll see the advantages. Or more accurately, you’ll feel the advantages.

A trackball mouse has all the features you expect from a mouse, including left and right clicks, smooth scrolling and rolling trackball mounted into the frame. With Logitech options settings, you can customize buttons for an even greater personalization. 

Inside is a rechargeable battery rated for four mounts of use before a USB charge is needed.

Logitech’s Flow technology even allows for multi-computer workflow, so you can have the mouse connected to a pair of devices simultaneously. You can even copy and paste between connected devices.

For wireless connectivity you have a choice between Bluetooth or through the included Logitech Unifying receiver. $99.99

I’ve seen many gadget companies over the years who love to inaccurately include the words All-in-1 in the title of products. But when it’s used and it works, they have a winner. Such is the case with DE World’s Grip All-In-1 phone mount.

I can say that because I’ve used it on land, water and air, taking it for a test drive on a recent flight attached to my seat tray and my rental car’s dashboard and window. A few days later I even had it on my boat’s dashboard, which I didn’t use for phone calls, but did give me great access for controlling my music.

The mount is universal, so it securely holds most smartphones with a fully padded holster and allows for full access to the front facing LCD and button controls. A suction cup holds the phone in place and is easily released without damaging the surface. You can have a smartphone angled vertical or horizontal.

With the Grip All-in-1, you can angle it in most any direction with ease, using the locking ball head. The arm extends from 4.9 inches to 8.3-inches and gives you a 225-degree pivot.

In addition to the suction mount,  the versatile system includes a dashboard grip-pad, vent mount, 3M adhesive mount and even a CD slot mount. The latter of which gives you 360-degree rotation. $29.99

Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc.’s LectroFan Kinder Bedtime Buddy is a smartphone- controlled sleeping device designed to produce sounds for a smooth sleeping environment for children.

The palm-sized device is designed to help create perfect sleeping habits at an early age with the help of today’s technology.

Setting it up and controlling it is simple. Just put it into an AC wall outlet and download the free app (iOS and Android), which lets you control of 75 white noise sounds, soft night lights, volume and fan settings. Everything can be left on or use the timer to turn it off. 

With the app you can choose the night light shade from a rainbow of colors you’ll see glow on a top side LCD. Adaptive was creative in naming some of the sounds, including ball game, coffee shop and ocean cruise.

There’s no need for WiFi;  pairing is done when you open up the app and then you’ll have a 50-foot range. $59.93

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