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Gadgets :: April 19, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

black_sport_gt_sideFoldable electric transportation was a new category for me and I was more than impressed with the 30 pound URB-E Sport GT motorized bike I got to play with at CES earlier this year.

You can take it up to 14 MPH on a single charge of the 36V 30-cell lithium-ion battery, which gives you about 16 miles on a single charge. When folded up, it measures 39.5-by-15.5-inches. Expanded it is only 36-by-26.5-inches and the seat is 29-inches off the ground.

The bike features a race car inspired pushrod suspension system and increased torque via our improved performance speed controller. A built-in front vertical kickstand parks it nicely with highlights that include leather carrying straps in the overall design.

You also get Eddy, a powerful removable battery, which can charge five devices simultaneously via four USB port or a single USB Type C, that charges an iPhone 7 up to forty times. pre-orders are being taken for $1,099 with a late March delivery

crosley_vinyl_rocket_prototype-aWith the new-millennium vinyl resurgence in the past few years Crosley has gone retro with the release of the Rocket Vinyl full size Jukebox. This is the only jukebox currently being manufactured anywhere in the world within the past 25 years according to Crosley.

It will hold 70 of 7-inch records for a total of 140 selections with the A/B sides and has all the beauty of the jukeboxes of yesterday with song sections made with big red buttons or simply go modern with the remote control. If you don’t want to make a selection, just hit shuffle.

The sound comes a D4 digital amplifier using two independent stereo channel outputs (60W RMS per channel for audio junkies). Titles of the tunes are on the140-selection rotating title display viewed through a front glass display.

If records aren’t your thing but you want the cool look of the jukebox, just pair your Bluetooth smartphone with the Rocket Vinyl or use the auxiliary input to broadcast your personal playlist.

It’s an attractive machine, which is guaranteed to be the talk of the room you keep it in. You’ll have to make for the 30.7-by-55.5-by-27.5-inch sound machine on the first floor since it weights 264.5 pounds. $11,995.95, the first shipment of 16 jukeboxes will be available for order in April

solpad_3SolPad takes personal power to a new level, allowing you to not only charge any portable electronic gadget, smartphone or tablet but it even lets you make a frozen margarita beachside.

The worlds first fully integrated solar energy solution is designed to use anywhere; home, an apartment, dorm room or outdoor recreational activities. The back of the panel has 2 standard AC power ports along with 3 USB ports, which can all be used at once.

When the panel is in direct sunlight and charging up, you’ll get unlimited charging from the USB ports. The SolControl app lets you choose when a device (light, TV, appliance, etc.) runs off of the stored solar power.solpad_malibu_1

Even more fun is when the SolPad talks to you with alerts for how much power you’re using and reminders to turn connected devices off. Another way to get an update on power consumption from the panel is built-in tap technology, tapping anywhere on the SolPad.

The 25 pound 22-by-28-inch 600 W battery has a carrying handle portability. expected to be $1,395 when pre-orders are taken in May – first units ship in September

Gadgets :: April 12, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

Walking the Tessco One trade show last week in Nashville, my eye caught some innovative and creative products for everyday use.

Gear4 smartphone cases are made with D3O military-licensed technology, proving to me that all protective case are not equal.

A company representative shared with me that the D3O protection is so trusted that NYC police vests are getting designed with the technology along other with global brands in sports, motorcycle, defense and industrial workwear.

The slim-profile cases have a scratch-resistant finish. The D3O impact protection is a durable black lining on the perimeter of the case. According to the Gear4 site, D3O has freely flowing molecules that lock together to absorb energy on impact before returning to their natural state. I found it interesting to read that the greater the impact force, the greater the locking and the greater the protection.

He added: the protection is about providing the consumer more (protection) with less (bulk).

I wouldn’t intentionally test the drop protection, but I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had their smartphone accidentally hit the ground. Gear4 testing had D3O cases outperforming six top competitors and are also 53 percent lighter.

The cases are made for most all of today’s smartphones and iPad/iPad Pro tablets. $39.99 to $59.99

Apps are great for exercise and fitness but keeping your smartphone attached to you is cumbersome for following the app’s data. Adidas has a solution with the upcoming launch a line of performance sport iPhone cases.

On the back of the lightweight case is an anti-slip grip hand band that to keep the phone in your hand while on the run. When you’re done working out use the phone’s case to watch your workout results handsfree with the case’s magnetic stand.

The case is built with a polycarbonate back shield and TPU bumpers for extra protection.

A release date and pricing is expected later this year.

Urbanista was my find for the day. The company was formed in Sweden in 2010 with the motto of producing headphones for urban people.

They want to make it easy for people who commute, easy to hear sound and be affordable.

The Rome is a hybrid tech earbud headset with magnetic tipped earbuds attached to a flexible rubber and plastic neck band. The magnets keep the earbuds attached securely around your neck when not in use but ready for your tunes or next call.

The technology allows you to hear noise behind you for safety and hear through the headset while you’re mobile. The unixes headset lasts about 16 hours before a USB charge is needed. due out in late April for $79.99 in black, white, blue and rose gold

Flavr iPhone cases are truly unique; each case is one of a kind.

The translucent cases offers impact protection and are referred to by the company as the ultimate fusion of runway-inspired fashion and device protection.

One series has a printed flower design on the back with each case having a different order, design or placement of the hand laid flowers.

New patterns of floral designs will be out by the summer with pricing of $21.19 to $26.50.

Gadgets :: April 5, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

Jabra’s Sport Pulse special edition Bluetooth 4.0 headphones are do-it-all when it comes to earbud features.

They are touted as the world’s first sports headphones with automatic fitness technology. The health-related features include a built-in heart rate monitor and automatic VO2 max tracking, a scientific way to measure your absolute fitness. This includes tracking the maximum rate of oxygen your body consumes during exercise.

With sport earbuds, it’s critical that they stay in place during your workout and the Sport Pulse is perfectly secure. You get several sizes of ear tips to ensure a tight fit.

The sound is great and includes passive noise cancellation, which helps eliminate surrounding noise.

While it’s not really considered exercise, I used the lightweight earbuds during an intense afternoon of outside lawn mowing and gardening. During the whole afternoon they stayed in place, unlike many other sport earbuds I’ve used for the same chores. They also helped keep out some of my lawnmower noise while supplying my ears with great sound.

The Jabra fitness app works with the sport earbuds to track your performance and even coaches you with in-ear feedback on the workout. Distance, speed, your pace and time are all recorded within the app.

The batteries lasted the whole afternoon before a USB charge was needed. Bluetooth 4.0 lets you connect up to eight devices to the earbuds, with two connected simultaneously. They include in-line controls with a built-in microphone. $159.99

The Altec Lansing Mini Life Jacket 3 Bluetooth wireless speaker didn’t accompany me during my lawn mowing like the headphones above, but they do float in your pool while pumping out great sound

With an IP67 rating, the rugged speaker floats in water and is sand, dust, dirt and shockproof. You can pair two Mini Life speakers for stereo sound and charge another USB device with the built-in charging port, while the speaker plays music.

The powerful sounds comes from a pair of neodymium drivers and a passive radiator behind a black speaker grill. The sound has a nice amount of bass and sounded great at any level, in and out of the water.

You can use the speaker ( 2.5-by-6.5-by-2.125-inches) for handsfree calls and 16 hours of sound before a USB charge is needed. A universal accessory mount is included for mounting the speaker on a bicycle, lounge chair, etc., and there’s a aux port for a 3.5 mm wired device connections.

All the ports have a removable waterproof covering so it’s worth mentioning the obvious; when changing or using any of the ports you have to be water free. $99.99
Smartphone cases bore me unless there’s a cool feature worth mentioning, which is the case with the Wally Ether Wallet from Distil Union.

The iPhone 7/7 Plus case is built with a slim hard shell crystal-clear polycarbonate frame and a hidden card carrying compartment built on the leather backside. It stores a few credit cards or even cash.

To access the contents, there is a Wally Pull-Tab you tug to get everything to slide out. When you push your credit cards in the thin compartment, the tab retracts.

A microfiber cloth lines the inside frame to protect your phone from scratches and there are cutouts to for the phone’s camera, speakers and charging lightning port. $34.99 in color choices of ink, hickory, slat and rust

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