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Gadgets :: January 25, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

It’s really amazing how technology has changed what you can carry in the palm of your hand.

Kingston Digital has doubled the capacity for the world’s largest USB flash drive with the new DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte.  The capacity of the flash drive is in 1 and 2TB, which can probably store every family photo you have from every generation, along with all your movies, music and documents on just a single flash drive.

The USB 3.1 flash drive has the capacity to store up to 70 hours of 4K video on the 2TB drive. It measures 2.8-by-1-by-0.8-inches and has superior quality design with a zinc-alloy metal casing, making it shock resistance.

To really show you how much storage 2 TB is, you can store 256,000 24-megapixel photos (uncompressed) or 531,344 MP3 music files.

Kingston says the DataTraveler Ultimate GT will ship both capacity flash drives in February. Pricing hasn’t been set, but expect the 1TB version to cost in the $400 to $500 range and the 2TB to cost between $900 and $1,000.

If you’re not a working professional, this flash drive is simply amazing to enable you to put your digital life in the your hand, back pocket or a safe for secure storage.

Lemon Technology’s California Roll is not only one of the best-named portable Bluetooth speakers I’ve come across, its also one of the most innovative.

Along with great sound and portability, it charges in two ways. You can connect it to a USB cable for AC power but the main attraction is the built-in solar panel on one side of the compact speaker.

So if the waterproof speaker is poolside or even in the pool since its is built with IPX7 grade technology, 7 hours of sunlight will power it for 20 hours of use.

The panel has 33 solar cells and can also be used to keep your smartphone or other USB gadgets running. Just plug in your USB cable to the port to connect to internal USB power bank, which will power the speaker and your device to charge simultaneously.

As for the sound, six internal speakers produce the powerful and clear sound at any volume.

Pair two together for bigger sound from different directions, and a microphone for handsfree calls in stereo sound is built-in.

You can also connect up to three Bluetooth devices at once to control the music. Once the speaker is powered off and then back on, it will attempt to reconnect to the last device it was paired to.

In addition to Bluetooth, the California Roll uses NFC for a faster wireless connection and a lower power energy consumption. An AUX port allows a direct wired connection, which will not be waterproof.

The speaker is available in black, blue, red, silver and white in two different versions  with a metal or cloth grill. available for pre-order for $249. A 20-percent off coupon (5W20) is available for pre-orders, with a March 2017 delivery

The Dart is the first device to help eliminate the big, bulky chargers for many of today’s laptops.

The 65 W laptop charger is up to 4 times smaller than many chargers and also is lighter, which helps drop the load of the  laptop bag you carry around.

For the most part it looks like a portable power bank, but works as a pass-through, allowing a single cable to connect to the Dart, which is plugged into an AC outlet.

While it’s not a portable USB battery, it does have a USB port allowing a device to be charged while connect to an AC port.

According to the website, DART is compatible with most PC laptops and is 100-240 supported to use worldwide.

A new model, DART-C will be available soon for USB Type C laptops  is available for pre-orders

There’s not a lot to it, it’s that simple and portable. $99.99

Gadgets :: January 17, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is a few weeks behind us but it all take me months to dig through all the information sent my way about new products.

Here are few useful items whose live demonstrations caught my attention and hopefully  now yours.

If you want a smartwatch but just can’t part with your analog watch, take a look at the CT Band, which turns your existing, standard, ordinary watch face into a smartwatch.

The CT Band incorporates a wide range of sensors, which provide a wealth of data on physical fitness, well-being and the environment around you.

The free accompanying app for smartphones and tablets displays the CT Band’s data on a user-friendly interface for each category. The app lets you find others in your area to challenge and share your results with. You can set up notifications to the band to receive a variety of subjects including stock market alerts.

Some of the straps feature recording data from daily activities, sports activities, blood oxygen rate, steps and heart rate.

It’s expected out by the end of April in seven colors in leather and 11 colors in silicone. Prices will vary from $170 to $200. Strap width’s are available in 18, 20 and 22 mm.

Benjilock is marketed as the world’s first traditional rechargeable padlock with fingerprint technology, so if you can’t find the lock’s key, a touch of the lock will do the trick.

Once your fingerprint is set, just touch an outside fingerprint sensor, which has an ambient LED light. The lock can store up to four fingerprints.

If non-stored fingerprints attempt to open the lock, the fingerprint system will lock up so only a key can be used.

The stainless steel Benjilock measures 4-by-1-by-2.8-inches and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which only has to be charged once a year  $79.99, expected out in September

Sleep Number showed off the upcoming launch the Sleep Number 360 smart bed, which is touted as a first-of-its-kind bed that intuitively senses and automatically adjusts all night, forever transforming the way people sleep.

Basically it’s a bed that works while you sleep. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed redefines what people should expect from their bed.

Features include self-adjusting sleep positions for comfort throughout the night, automatic snore detection and adjustment with sensing sleepIQ biometrics, foot-warming to fall asleep faster and a smart alarm to awaken you at the optimal moment.

Sleep Number 360 smart beds and bases will be priced similar to Sleep Number’s current mattresses and adjustable bases.

InspEar, by startup Cotral Group, says it will revolutionize both hearing and speaking with augmented and connected earbuds with the InspEar, which the company states is the first custom-fitted hearable device.

InspEars use cutting-edge technology to filter, decrease, and select surrounding noise, as well as provide voice control capabilities for smartphones and connected objects enabling your ears to become a smart technology platform.

The earbuds will access a variety of services by controlling connected objects with your voice,  transform your music by blocking all outside noise so you can completely immerse yourself in your music.

They have active noise reduction technology, which removes select sounds from the outside world to you hear your selected audio crystal clear. Your ears are also protected from loud sounds and noises with the decreased sounds by 30 decibels $700 for the pair and includes custom plugs for sleeping that offers noise cancelling capabilities

Gadgets :: January 4, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

All you need to know about the new Jaybird X3 sport headphones is that they are as good as any sport style earbuds I’ve seen.

With a wireless (Bluetooth 4.1) connection to your smartphone you can take the sweat-proof earbuds for bike ride, to the gym or even climb mountains since they have enhanced-comfort ear fins and a selection of tips to ensure the right fit for any type of sport activity. Along with staying in place, they wear with comfort.

The Jaybird website has a great line about the universal secure-fit design: “These buds are sticking with you no matter how crazy active you get.”

To keep the sweat out, they are designed with a double hydrophobic nano coating.

The big sound comes from 6mm drivers but what I found really cool was the MySound App (iOS and Android), which lets  you customize your sound settings and then save them to the X3 earbuds. This lets  your music sound the same, no matter where the music comes from.

After a full charge, the internal battery is good for about eight hours of tunes before a charge is needed. An in-line remote makes music selections and handsfree calls.

With the Bluetooth 4.1 connection, two users can have a pair of the X3 sport earbuds connected to the same music source simultaneously. $129.99

For a lack of a better term, portable Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen so they need more than sound to stand out in the crowded tech product line.

The Jam Voice is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker that does just fine at playing your music and also works as a handsfree call speaker system. But what the Jam does to make it stand out is accept commands to turn your lights on or off, give you the weather forecast, news, traffic alerts and a lot more.

It’s built with Alexa integration, Amazon’s voice service, giving you a personal assistant, essentially making it command central for your smart home. So now instead of getting up to turn on an alarm or to control an air system, just talk to the Jam Voice. 

Devices you want to control must have Alexa integration; otherwise you’ll be talking to yourself.

Everything is controlled with a few buttons; the basics being controlling your music and volume. To get to Alexa, just press the Amazon button.

You get a 4-hour battery life from the 3-by-3-by-3-inch speaker or if it’s staying in the same place just have it connected to AC power at all times.

With the built-in Wi-Fi, Jam speakers let you connect multiple Jams into the same system for a multiple room sound controlled by the Jam app. $79, available in white or black

The slick-looking GEAR4 Carnaby iPhone 7/7 Plus case is built with cutting-edge D3O technology along with Apple color matching, which hard core Apple fans demand from accessory.

And if your like me and have no idea what D30 technology is, I’ll tell you: “it’s a material used by Olympic ski teams and the military, to deliver superior impact protection through advanced shock absorption,” according to a recent press release from the company.

It’s designed with a slim look to match the new slim phones so they remain bulk free. The back has a perforated design to let you show off the color of your new iPhone.

An exterior bumper protects your phone from bumps and small drops. $39.99

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