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Gadgets :: November 2, 2016

by Gregg Ellman

earn1The Earin M-1 true wireless earbuds are one of those products I test that attract attention.

These are truly wireless with no cables, wires or anything to connect the left to the right to the music. Bluetooth technology is built into the earbuds, which receive the sound from your music source.

Each black earbud charges in a lipstick-like capsule, which connects to a power source with a microUSB cable. It’s worth noting for Apple fans that the capsule design is very Applye-esque.

The earbuds have a secure compartment in the capsule for charging; just line them up and they fit snug for charging and storage. I got about 3 hours of use before I had to give them a charge.earin2

The capsule is a 600 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion battery that should charge the earbuds in 75 minutes.

They weigh .12 ounces each and are by far the smallest earbuds I’ve tried. You get several sets of earbuds with the kit and normally I won’t spend much time finding the right fit, I just go with the ones installed. With these you want to have a secure, tight fight, ensuring the best sound quality along with keeping them safe in your ears.

When you place the earbuds in your ear, you’ll notice each is built with an angled tip to help them feel comfortable as well as getting the sound angled into your ear.

As for the sound, I was really impressed. The Earin app helps you set up the sound balance and offers a bass boost.

Earin describes the sound as “An incredibly detailed sound with excellent mid and high-tones, and a tight bass response all reproduced with minimal distortion.”

I agree. $199

snakable1The importance of USB charging cables with today’s portable USB gadgets is critical and the one time you have a broken cable, you’ll see what I mean.

A Snakable is a cable I can see as innovative and disruptive as any; in fact I’ve never seen any other like this. Each end of the cable has Snakable’s patented strain relief technology featuring rotating ball joints with 90 degrees of movement.

This gives each end of the cable flexibility from the area that typically has a lot of strain and bending, which cause the cable to not work.SNAKABLE 2

Each end twists, turns and rotates to keep everything working, connected and charging.

I had no problem connecting the cable on my Otterbox case on my phone and each cable is 4-feet long.

They are available with Apple Lightning (Apple certified), microUSB and USB type C tips in a choice of five colors (black eclipse, green leaf, orange flame, red meter and white cloud). $29.99

inateck1The Inateck BP2101B MercuryBox speaker has a ton of features, nice sound and won’t cost you much.

Along with the clear sound at any volume, it’s packed with lots of features.

You can connect via Bluetooth or with an Aux-in cable. The body is IPX waterproof to protect is from a quick shower or splash from any direction and it has an attractive black anodized aluminum body.inateck2

Inside is a pair of 5-watt precision-tuned drivers and a built-in 1800mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for up to 15 hours of portable use.

A built-in microphone lets you use the portable (6.4-by-2.4-by-1.1-inches) speaker for hand-free calls. $38.99

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