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Gadgets: 2015 July 01

Bluetooth is amazing technology but it amazes me how often I am asked about Bluetooth; what it is, how it works, etc.

The Songo Portable takes the Bluetooth technology a few years backwards to older non-Bluetooth enabled devices giving you wireless connectivity for many uses.

The most popular I would think is to stream your music from your smartphone to your non-Bluetooth-enabled car stereo.

There’s no taking the stereo out or connecting wires or anything cumbersome. Just take the pocket sized Songo Portable and plug it into the 3.5 mm auxiliary in-port in your car.

Now whatever is playing on your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet is wirelessly playing on your car stereo. This includes personal playlists, SirusXM satellite radio, Pandora, Spotify or the even new Apple Radio system.

They include a headphone adapter to turn your favorite wired headphones into wireless headphones in seconds. Once connected, you’ll have a range of 33-feet from your music source to the headphones.

As for the setup, for once there’s no app needed. Just pair the Songo Portable device with your Bluetooth-enabled device and play away.

Inside is a rechargeable battery, good for about 12 hours of tunes before a USB is needed with the microUSB charge. In the event of a long road trip, plug the cable into any 9V USB car adapter (non included) and you’ll play as far as you can drive.

There is a single button on the Songo Portable that turns it on and has controls for play, pause, or skipping tracks $24.99

With the PolarPro PowerVault storage system ($99.99), you can store the rugged GoPro camera gear in an equally tough case and keep everything charged for the next use.

The well-built case (approximately 10.5 x 8 x 2.5-inches) has an internal battery charger for GoPro Hero3/3+ and Hero4 batteries, enabling users to stay in remote areas for more than a full day. The 5200 mAh battery can recharge a GoPro battery up to five times.

There’s also a USB connection for charging a smartphone or tablet, which you may be using to view the digital images.

As for durability, the hard shell case has an exterior of balistic nylon and high-quality zippers to ensure it’s water resistant.

Inside is a customized laser-cut fitted compartment for two cameras with housings and some accessories.

The smaller PolarPro Trekker 1 case ($29,99) measures approximately 7 x 5.5 x 2.5-inches and has the same durable shell and water resistant features. Inside is a single storage slot for the camera in its housing and space for a few accessories. There’s also an inside zippered compartment.

A dual-camera configuration of the Trekker is also available.

The iHome iBT74 color changing rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is flat out cool with it’s built-in LED light system.

Since it’s made from iHome, you know from the start it’s going to be well-built with great sound.

The LED lights surround the 3.11 x 5.36 x 3.11-inch speaker, while the sound is pumped out of the top-side grill.

Control buttons on the lower end of the backside of the rounded speaker handle pairing, volume, brightness of the lights, charging, direct line-in and even answering calls with the built-in mic.

The main reason you would get a speaker like this is the LED lights, which make it stand out in the crowded Bluetooth speaker market. The lights work independently from the music and can even stay on with out any sound.

There are six light-color changing choices from a single color to multi-colors. And each choice can fade in and out or just stay on and look cool. $59.99

By Gregg Ellman

#Greggellman @greggellman

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