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Gadgets:: Jabra’s Stealth, iPad lens and a disco ball


Jabra StealthThe Stealth is Jabra’s latest Bluetooth headset in a never-ending line of amazing products.

Before you try it on, the ultra modern looks and design are impressive.

I’ve tried an overwhelming number of sound devices in my ears and there’s nothing specific to tell you about what will work and what won’t, past the comfort. But I will say the Stealth was instantly comfortable.

The next thing I noticed was an on/off switch, not an annoying button you must hold for a few seconds to put it on or off, never knowig if it’s on or off. Just hit the switch for on, hit the switch for off; it’s that simple.

Inside is Jabra’s microPOWER battery technology, which translates to a longer batter life. In this case you’ll get up to six hours of talk time after a two-hour USB charge.

Also, the press of a button gets you to Siri or Google Now, depending on you phone’s operating system. Other controls include the basics for answering, redialing or ending calls, pairing (NFC or Bluetooth) and volume.

The callers I spoke to during the weekend I used the Stealth had no problem hearing me as I did the same with them.

Jabra incorporated the latest technology in the Stealth to achieve this with Noise Blackout, which reduces background noise for a clear conversation with the dual microphone inside.

If you misplace the Stealth, load up the Jabra app (free) to help you locate using GPS tracking. $99.99

olloclip iPadI’ve never really used my iPad’s camera until I got ahold of the newest Olloclip 4-in-1 photo lens clip.

The lens slides onto the case-less corner of your iPad (iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display) and converts the existing lens into a wide-angle, fisheye (180-degrees) along with 10x and 15x macro lenses.

The lenses are grouped and all you do is screw/unscrew or flip on the one you need – it’s that easy. Included is a soft carrying pouch.

I tried the lens system with multiple photo apps and there was never an issue.

Each lens is a great improvement over the lens built into your tablet. I loved both macro’s and the fisheye made some impressive images.

There’s also a new model available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 & 5 as well as existing iPhone models. $69.99

 The Diamond+ music and light LED lifestyle diamond-shaped Bluetooth 3.0 speaker is all you need to getDiamond  party going

Inside is a Neodymium Super Magnet speaker (3 Watts x 2) with right and left woofer tubes on the sides of the device for great sound.

What makes the speaker stand out is the beat matching LED galaxy light show it produces in 16 million colors for a disco party effect or whatever your mood.

Settings allow it to stay in one color, fade or flash or alternate into others or let it choose the pattern from the 8 RGB and 2 White LED lights.

The white light can be used as a bedside reading light. When it’s combined with the Bed-Time Social app (free for iOS and Android) the lights can be programed for waking up, going to sleep or many other choices.

Everything is controlled with the included remote for power, volume, music choices and the color LED modes.

An included USB/AC power cable charge up the li-battery battery for about seven hours of us. A velvet pouch is also included to store the 2.5 lb. speaker, which measures 13×11.9×12.8cm $149 CHECK PRICES, available in choices of black or white bases along with the crystal top

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