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Perfectly Clear for Android v1.5: New Look, Faster, More Powerful

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada (March 20, 2013) – Perfectly Clear for Android, the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to correct images automatically on your Android mobile device, just got a whole lot better. What’s new:

1. Faster! It’s now twice as fast opening and correcting images. Fine-tuning with the slider bars is near-real-time when using the latest quad core devices, such as those powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 and 4imobile processors.

2. New, powerful memory mapped buffer. You can now save huge images (up to 40 MP).

3. A new look! We have re-designed the entire GUI.

4. Zoom. Now you can zoom into your photo to view the details as you correct.

5. One simple price. The beautify preset, is included in the app price so you only have to purchase once.

6. Bug Fix: licensing. Now you can use Perfectly Clear “offline”.

7. Now you can copy the app to your SD card.

8. Exif support. The app now retains your Exif and GPS data.

9. Quick Correct. Tap your hardware menu button and selected images will be automatically corrected and saved without going to our edit screen.

“We were pleased with the response to our initial Android app offering, and are constantly innovating to make it even better,” explained Brad Malcolm, President of Athentech Imaging. “We listened to our customers and created an updated version that will greatly enhance their experience.”

“Athentech is delivering impressive speedups in photo processing by embracing the multiprocessing power of NVIDIA Tegra 4,” said Neil Trevett, Vice President of Mobile Content at NVIDIA.

Malcolm added, “We look forward to even more impressive breakthroughs when we tap into NVIDIA’s Chimera computational photography engine. It’s a great time for digital photography on mobile devices.”

Athentech Imaging President Brad Malcolm will take to the stage at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) to discuss computational photography and image optimization processing during the Emerging Companies Summit: CEO On Stage portion of the show. The session takes place at 4:00 pm PDT on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, in the Marriott San Jose’s Ballroom 4.

About Athentech® Imaging Inc.

Athentech® Imaging Inc. is an entrepreneurial, privately held company headquartered in Calgary,Alberta, Canada. The company is involved in three industries and markets: digital imaging, signal processing (for medical applications), and earth sciences. For more information, please visit

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Gadgets:: Another great bag from ThinkTank and big sound


Airport CommuterI’ve had the ThinkTank Photo Airport Commuter backpack sitting around for a while but since I finally got to test it out on a trip and I was thrilled about it, I’ll still report my findings.

I’ve tried a lot of backpacks, which claim they can really hold a lot of gear, keep to form and not be a strain on your back but end up not coming through.

The Airport Commuter is on the other end because I filled it up and it held up as advertised and more.

I filled it up with a pair of DSLR cameras, 3 lenses, a flash, extra batteries and memory cards. In addition, I put a 15-inch MacBook pro and an iPad in separate compartments along with chargers and lots of cables and accessories.

If I organized it a little better, I’m sure I could have added even more.

The harness straps are padded and adjustable and include hardware to attach small accessories.

As with most of ThinkTank products, a built in rain coat is included along with lot’s of weather proofing throughout the bag, which includes material coated to be water resistant.

A medium sized tripod or monopod can be attached to straps on the side of the bag.

Other features include a cable lock, business card holder, water bottle pocket and an endless amount of storage compartments along with cell foam dividers, which create an endless amount of possibilities.

According to ThinkTank, the bag is “Sized to meet international carry- on size requirements,” which I can say I had no problem with. $199.75

X-mini CapsuleThe X-mini capsule speakers are one of those “wow” devices I come across now and then.

They are every bit of pocket-sized and portable just as they are advertised to be but when you crank them up the sound is far from small.

Each speaker measures about 2-inches in diameter by 1.5-inch high, but expand to 2-inches when you twist open each speaker.

Unless you use the Bluetooth, the 3.5 mini audio jack connection cable that comes out the bottom of each speaker is easy to access and is easy to hide when not in use.

For setup, just connect one speaker to your tablet, smartphone or any device playing your audio, and then connect a speaker to the first.

Each speaker is magnetized on the bottom, so you can attach them together for easy storage.

They come in many colors in three different setups; wired mono ($39) or wired stereo ($59)  choices (as tested) or a Bluetooth stereo system ($79).

It’s powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, which has a playback of up to 18 hours. A USB connection in on each speaker for charging it back up (cable included).

SUBJEKTAnother choice for Bluetooth sound is the futuristic looking Subjekt Pulse Headphones.

After a while you forget your even wearing the great sounding over-the-ear styled headphones, which pair up in seconds and have a flexible metallic headband connecting a pair of soft padded ear cups.

One side has a few control buttons for power, volume, track skipping, pairing, an LED light and a microphone for handsfree cell calls.

Depending on your volume level, expect about 10 hours of playtime out of the crisp sounding headphones or 11 hours of talk time. $99.99

Mini Bluetooth KeyboardThe FAVI SmartStick Wireless keyboard is pocket-sized and pairs up with Bluetooth devices to give you a standard keyboard in the palm of your hand.

It’s designed with hotkeys, a laser pointer and other specific functions for the Kindle Fire HD and other Android powered devices, although I connected it to an iPad and it worked just fine.

If you’re not a fan of the virtual keyboard this is for you since the backlit letters and numbers are all where you’re used to from a standard keyboard along with shift keys on both sides.

A small touchpad is also built-into the right side, which includes full mouse control, tap to click and scrolling. $39.99

Gadgets:: Adding files to iOS devices with EASE!

Bob Malish

i-FlashDrive HDAt a quick glance, you’ll think the PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive HD is just another flashdrive and it is, plus a whole lot more.

While one end of the drive is a standard USB connection, the other has an Apple 30-pin or lightning connection for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5.1 or 6.1.

This essentially gives the iOS devices with the USB port many users crave to get content on and off.

The pocket-sized device, about 2 inches long, is built with internal memory in choices of 8 ($99.99), 16 ($149.99), 32 ($199.99) or 64GB (323.17) to store digital files.

It’s Apple certified, doesn’t require a battery or charge, and can be used with secured file encryption for keeping specific files private. Video can be played directly from the drive, which can also be used to backup valuable contact lists.

Other features include editing, deleting, renaming and direct Airplay streaming.

With the iOS connections, data can easily be shared on the iOS portable devices using the i-FlashDrive HD app (free) without the immediate need to connect to you computer.

The 16GB comes in two configurations, with and without Lightning adaptor, while the 32/64 GB models include the Lightning adaptor.

Transfer rates can vary depending on your device. It’s rated to transfer at 10 MB per second on the USB side while the iPad 2 will go at 2.5 and the iPhone 4 1.5 MB/s with the 30-pin connection.

You can not use the -FlashDrive HD for charging or syncing.

Jabra 510The Jabra Speak 510 is the latest Bluetooth speakerphone from the company, which includes wireless ($179.95) and a corded ($149.95) option.

There really isn’t a lot to it; just pair it up with your smartphone (or tablet) like you would any other Bluetooth speaker for handsfree calls and functionality.

It’s plug and play with a computer.Select it as your speaker in your system preferences for a Skype chat or listening to music.

You can even pair it with multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices with the ability to easily switch back and forth.

Either way, you’ll be really happy with how it sounds along with how simple it is to set up.

You’ll get about 15 hours of talk time before a charge is needed and there’s a status indicator that shows how much power is left.

The round speaker is about 4 3/4 inches in diameter and is just 1-inch deep. Sound is delivered through a grill on the top so don’t use it as a drink coaster.

Jabra supplied me with an interesting detail from a study: mobile workers in the will account for 75 percent of the U.S. workforce by 2015, This percentage makes a portable speaker like this is essential if your like me and in that group.

Pantone Universe BookcaseThere still seems to be an endless line of new covers, cases and products for the latest round of Apple products, which will probably get old soon enough.

Case Scenario’s Pantone Universe Bookcase is a high-quality iPhone 5 case, which has a protective front cover that doubles as a stand.

It’s made with Nubuck material and folds open portrait or landscape handsfree positions.

You’ll get access to all ports and plugs along with the touchscreen. $39.95

Aegis SeriesTopKase has launched the Aegis Series of iPhone 5 cases, which include a stylish anodized aluminum design.

It features a a really cool sliding shutter to open the touchscreen LCD, similar to an old roll-top desk, but when it’s closed the screen is fully protected from dust, dirt and scratches.

A feature I’ve never seen in any other design has a microfiber cloth built on the inside of the sliding door to clean the screen every time it’s open or closed.

For added protection, there are 8 internal shock absorbing silicon pads inside the case. $49.95

retractable LINE PROA big thank you goes to Scosche for being the first to finally have a retractable charging USB cable for the newer Apple lightning connection.

The retractable LINE PRO cable extends up to 3-feet or just 4.5-inches when it’s not extended, making it perfect for travel.  $24.95

The Mapi Orion iPad case is made with 100 percent pure cowhide leather and has a strong rotating flexible stand to really keep the tablet in place in multiple handsfree positions.

Mapi Orion iPad caseA flip open cover has a soft inside to protect your screen and gives full access to your speaker, volume and charging ports.

The leather seems really well made and includes built-in magnets to help keep it open or closed. It does add a little weight to your iPad but the looks and usefulness make it well worth it. $159.99 available in black, brown, red, tan, and white for iPad 2, 3 and the newest generations

Gadgets:: Texting in the rain


Brolly rain umbrellaI never thought an umbrella would enter my “to do” list for gadget reviews but the Brolly Rain Umbrella made the cut.

It features a ergonomic handle and grip, enabling users to hold the umbrella to keep you dry and hold your phone at the same time.

Brolly calls the technology in the handle, Grip-ology, which gives each finger hold a lining of rubber for comfort, grip and flexibility. The finger holes are built inside an ABS plastic casing for a strong and comfortable grip.

It’s pretty simple but a great idea and works well.

As for the umbrella part, its just like any other to me and if we ever have rain in Texas, I’d be happy to try it out.

Just watch where your walking, it’s bad enough to be walked into by someone with their head in their phone on a sunny day, being hit by an umbrella won’t add any joy to the collision. $19.95

World Time SportI’m a big fan of gadgets that pretty much work without having to read the instructions, but with the World Time Sport Red watch from Phosphor, you’ll have to break out the piece of paper.

After you figure out how to set the time in the very cumbersome process, you’ll have a pretty neat watch to display local and world time.

The display uses the easy-to-read E-Ink technology, which is more commonly known from the Amazon Kindle tablets.

Everything is controlled by the set and mode buttons, which are right below the display on the front.The watch is advertised as buttonless, so all you do is swipe your finger across these control points

Once you get into the settings, you’ll find lots of choices including 24 time zones and settings for five display modes, which are changed by swiping the watch over the lower part of it.

The watch is curved for comfort on your wrist, and is water and sweat resistant.

The silicone band, flexible and water resistant, is available in black, orange, red or white with a matching watch. $99

Energizer LED Folding LanternIt’s amazing how Energizer comes up with ways to carry around light, but they have struck again with new devices that  feature Light Fusion Technology.

According to Energizer, this technology transmits light throughout slim acrylic panels manufactured through a laser-etching process. What the user gets is a clean, uniform light unlike anything on store shelves and more compact for easier packing and carrying.

The Energizer Folding Lantern comes in two models; LED Folding Lantern ($29.99) has up to 300 lumens, which I used for testing.

In addition to the nice clear and smooth light it broadcasts, it pivots open and stand upright for hands-free 360-degree lighting. When you’re done, just fold it up and use the carrying handle for portability.

The Mini Pop-Up Lantern ($19.99) has up to 150 lumens. Both are powered by AA batteries for up to 100 hours of run time.

The new LED 3-in-1 flashlight ($29.99) also has a bright, daylight-looking shine with the Light Fusion Technology.

It works like  any flashlight: press a button and it shines (up to 100 lumens) but what makes this model unique are two fold-out legs on the back.

This enables it to stand like a tripod and use the pivoting head for lighting in any direction.

A secondary light is on the flashlight bod’s side (1 1/4 x 4-inches for 150 lumens of light) and is activated by pressing the power button twice.

A 2-in-1 model flashlight is also available with just the pivoting head and side area light (no folding out legs) for $19.99 and has up to 100 lumens of light.

All of the new lanterns and flashlights are water resistant and will be available in early April.

Gadgets:: Logitech Trackpad’s glass multi-touch is familiar


Logitech Rechargeable T651It’s taken me a little while to get used to the Logitech T651 Trackpad for Mac but now I’m hooked.

The square shape (actually 5-by-5 1/4 inches) works like a laptop touch-pad except this one is Bluetooth enabled. It can be connected with a laptop or desktop computer and be used up to 30 feet away.

An ergonomic design has it laying flat but with it angled lower toward your wrist.

It has a glass surface where you use your fingers to scroll, click and zoom.

The mechanics also allow for left and right click, which we are used to having on a mouse, and are accessible with the Trackpad in the lower corners.

As mentioned, it takes some getting used to but after a few days it’s like I never worked without it.

A quick driver download added a Logitech Preference Manager option in my system preferences to allow controls for speed, clicking options, zooming, battery level and more.

It’s built with a rechargeable battery, which is charged with the included microUSB cable.

Logitech says a full charge is good for a month but the on/off switch lets it save power when not in use.

Details: $60;


SWITCHAnother entry in the crowded portable Bluetooth speaker market is the Switch from Native Union.

The powerful sounding speaker is shaped like a brick (7.75-by-2.75-by-2.7 inches) so it’s not going to fit in any pockets but the sound makes it worth the portability.

Hooking it up is as simple as any other Bluetooth device; just pair it and you’re set. Your device should remember it even after turning both on and off.

Past that, it’s just rocking good sound with lots of bass from the Switch, which has three drivers and an active subwoofer. When in use, it can be left on a flat surface in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

The speaker has controls for the pairing, power and volume. If you have it paired with a cellphone and a call comes in, the speaker automatically switches to call mode for a handsfree speaker phone.

A USB-out port is built into the side to give you the option of charging your mobile device right from the speaker.

It charges in four hours for up for up to 14 hours of use with the included USB cable.

Details: $149.99 available in black, blue, gray, red and white;


dashport r2200Both of the previous items can benefit from the Ventev universal rapid chargers.

We live in a portable, power-hungry world and these chargers will work at home, cars, airports or even in the air.

They are available to charge just about any device including Apple, Android, Galaxy, GPS, tablets, e-readers or anything taking a USB connection.

The Dashport r2200 is a dual rapid charger that’s particularly handy, with a pair of USB ports (10W each) built into a 12V car charger. It’s also available with a single 10W port – the r1200 mini.

The Wallport R2200 is a double-ports rapid charger (10W each port) for any wall plug. Also available in the Wallport models are the 2100, a dual USB universal charger (5W each port), and the e1100, a single USB universal “ecocharger” that uses 100 times less standby power than ordinary chargers.

Ventev, a division of TESSCO Technologies, is really proud of the design and appearance of the chargers and while they do look cool, the bottom line is they work.

Details: Prices range from $20 to $35;

Contact Gregg Ellman at Follow him on Twitter: @greggellman

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