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Gadgets:: Year-end cleaning unearths great 2012 products


It’s become a yearly ritual of mine,  a year-end office cleaning of great tech products I  wanted to, but never really got to reviewing this year; it’s still this year so here are few more great products you should know about.

JABRA SUPREMEThe Jabra Supreme UC is one of a long line of consistent, well-performing Bluetooth hands-free devices from the company.

It’s built with Active Noise Cancellation for your caller, eliminating the distracting background ambient noise.

A Flip-Boom makes the handsfree headset stand out since you can position the built-in microphone and talk directly into it so others hear you crystal clear.

Other features include Voice Control and Voice Guidance for hands-free operation and the ability to connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

A Jabra LINK 360 Bluetooth USB adapter for an easy connection to a PC $149.99

BuQu Tech chargerThere seem to be endless ways to charge your portable electronic gadgets and the BuQu Tech system charges an iPhone 4/4s with a magnetic connection.

It’s a complete system, including the charging base, which connects to the included USB cord for power and a protective case.

The unique system is “complete” thanks to the case, built with an extended lithium-ion battery for up to 40 more hours of iPhone use.

The case is magnetized, which lets you attach it to the charging base magnetically for a charge and sync in what BuQu calls a “grab and go” system.

Chargers for the iPhone 5 and other devices are planned for 2013. $55.70 for the standard battery, $89.99 for the extended battery, available after December 21.

Smart PointerTaking photos with your smartphone is pretty easy but getting yourself in the photo with a large group of people can be a challenge.

The BT Smart Pointer is a pocket-sized portable remote built with an internal lithium-ion battery and Bluetooth technology to control selected Apple iOS and Android devices along with PC and Mac computers built with Bluetooth.

It has buttons to control selected functions on your devices and trigger a device’s camera shutter to allow the whole group get in the photo before the image is taken.

The remote can also set the volume or control presentations in PowerPoint and even has a built-in laser pointer.

For iPhone iOS users, just hit the home button to activate Siri without touching the phone itself. It also works in iOS apps such as Keynote and iBook. $44.99 available in black or grey

StormCruiserThe Joy Factory StormCruiser case is designed for iPhone 4/4s users to mount on any bicycle’s standard handlebars.

Once attached, it makes your device weather- and scratch-resistant but allows full access to the phone including map apps, music or just simple phone calls.

The device’s charging and earphone ports are sealed in the case but are easily accessible when needed.

It mounts vertically or horizontal and can be mounted on anything with a diameter of 1 1/8-inch or less.

A molded silicone interior holds the phone in place and two ruffed safety clasps on the mount secure the device  on the handlebar with no movement. $29.95
AmpsSOL REPUBLIC AMPS are nice sounding with deep bass, in-ear headphone with an in-line mic for handsfree cellular use.

The earbuds have a cool looking design that has a half-inch plate on the outside, which has no effect on the sound or how they fit – its just for looks.

They are lightweight and fit comfortably right out of the box but a few extra sized tips are included. Each headphone is attached to a red tangle-free cord, which feels a lot stronger than what you get with most other earbuds.

SOL REPUBLIC also has a unique “Ear Tip for life” guarantee, offering a lifetime of free ear tip replacements for anyone who buys the Amps. Just register at the company’s website. $59.99 in black or red

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