Gadgets:: Wi-Fi extender deals with dead zones at home


Netgear EX6100Just about every household has Wi-Fi with the main connection often coming into the home at a home office, which extends the coverage well into a few surrounding rooms.

But with more and more iGadgets entering homes daily, the need to extend your existing Wi-Fi to dead zones on other floors or far across the house becomes greater.

One solution could be to relocate your router to a central point, but a much easier solution is Netgear’s AC750 WiFi Range Extender (model EX6100).

For tech-heads who want specifics, the device supports dual band Wi-Fi up to 750 Mbps and supports Wi-Fi devices with 801.11ac, b/g/n.

Netgear’s installation guide isn’t called the desired “Quick Start Guide” but it might as well be.

It’s simple to set up, with a pair of choices I did within a browser in just a few minutes. All you do is connect to your existing Wi-Fi (during the setup they have to be close to each other) wait for lights to blink, answer a few questions, click a few boxes and you’re done.

Then unplug the extender and put in your dead zones, give it a few minutes to warm up and make a connection. A pair of external antennas are built on to help direct the Wi-Fi.

After you’re all set up, go to your network settings on the portable device you want to use in dead zones, choose the new network you setup and put in your password.

It measures 4.8-by-2.9-by-1.5 inches before you extend the pair of 3.25-inch antennas, which allows it to be plugged in most anywhere, included behind furniture.

I have my Wi-Fi set up in my office, in the far corner of my house. After setting up the Range Extender I went from having a single bar on my iPad’s Wi-Fi meter to a four full bars.

Problem solved.

Details: $89.99,


JOBY Pro Sling StrapJOBY, a maker of creative accessories for digital photographers, has released a few very well made straps of high-quality material and hardware for use with most any digital SLR or mirrorless camera, along with binoculars

The Convertible Neck Strap ($21.66) has quick release built into both sides to instantly convert it from a neck strap to a smaller wrist strap.

New to the Pro Series is the Pro Sling Strap ($55.99), which is designed with a SpeedCinch pulley system for instant access to the camera.

This allows photographers to wear their camera over either shoulder or just around the neck at most any level.

A fastening allows the camera to be instantly adjusted with a simple pull for the pulley system.

The strap attaches to the standard thread (\-inch-20) on the bottom of every camera with a greased bearing piece of hardware (included) and tightens with the help of a coin. This allows a secure and tight connection along with allowing the camera to rotate a full 360-degrees.

There’s also a camera tether included with the Pro Sling for an additional peace of mind.



myCharge RAZORPLUSThe RAZORPLUS from myCharge is true to its name since it’s razor thin at 1/3 of an inch.

What’s more important is it’s a portable battery for charging most any portable USB gadget needing an extra boost of power on the go.

It comes pre-charged with 3000mAh of battery power for over 13 hours of talk time, with a single USB port in an attractive anodized aluminum case.

A four-light LED system is activating by shaking the battery to test the battery level.

Details: $49.99,

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Gadgets:: Pelican cases built for pros in need of hard-core protection of gear, gadgets


Pelican 1560LOCPelican touts its reputation for making high-performance case solutions that are watertight, crushproof, dust proof and used by professionals in the most demanding situation including firefighters, police and military.

I’ve owned several of the company’s cases over the years and when I think of Pelican, the words “useful” and “indestructible” come to mind.

After recently testing the Pelican 1560LOC overnight case (full of camera equipment) the useful part went to a whole new level.

First, a little bit about Pelican cases: They are probably the most durable hard cases available. Composed of Polypropylene copolymer, a hard surface that can be stood on and dropped, they keep your valuables intact.

Pelican cases can tolerate temperatures ranging from minus 10 degrees to 210 degrees Fahrenheit and are water resistant.

Many can be ordered with customization to specific needs, and for the 1560 I tested (exterior dimensions 22.06-by-17.93-by-10.43 inches, 18.8 pounds) I had Velcro dividers along with my first look at the built-in compartments for a laptop and its accompanying accessories. It also has an incredible 2,000 square feet of storage space.

As for the useful aspect, the dividers can be set up however you wish for any type of gear, but what got me hooked on this case was the laptop storage enabling everything to be in one case.

The padded laptop sleeve is attached to the inside front cover and can store a laptop up to 17 inches. Similar padded and removable sleeves surround the laptop for storing cables, chargers or whatever accessories are needed.

Once everything is stored to your liking, clip shut the easy-open and -close latches, pull out the retractable extension handle and start rolling.

Cases can be ordered with the Velcro dividers or foam to customize to your exact items. A personalized nameplate can also be purchased.

Details: $249,


Sound RiseSoundfreaq’s Sound Rise (SFQ-08) wireless speaker and alarm clock is a nightstand system designed the way a gadget like this should be; to use with any brand of wireless devices, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and most importantly looks good and sounds great.

Charging and docking are done with the USB cable that came along with your device.

Plug it into the USB port – and you’re not hostage to using the phone on a dock specific to any brand – enabling bedtime reading, texting or whatever you need.

As for the clock, it’s a front-facing display that has controls to adjust the brightness with six display settings.

Audio is streamed with Bluetooth (4.0) into a great-sounding speaker system. If wireless streaming isn’t your thing, there’s an aux-in port for a wired connection.

There’s also a backup battery compartment to keep the clock running in the event of a power failure.

Time in 12 or 24 hour settings, snoozing, sleeping, two alarms and even a FM radio is built-in if you want to go old school with the presets.

Controls on the Sound Rise (5.5-by-3-by-3.25 inches) are on the top for most settings.

Details: $58.93, available in black or wood/taupe finishes;


MoovMicWhen I first read about the Moov Mic, I thought it was an interesting name and more importantly an interesting device with the concept of mic plus headphones equals headsets.

It’s a pretty cleaver accessory that turns your favorite headphones into a full headset for wireless calls, Skype or even gaming.

The setup takes seconds. You’ll need headphones with a half-inch diameter port to connect the Moov Mic’s magnet and once attached you’re done.

Just plug them together and you’re all set. No software, setup guide or anything. Truly plug-n-play.

The mic is a flexible and positionable boom microphone, which has a windscreen to help the clarity and sounded great to my callers.

Details: $19.95,

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Snapping Cat Podcast April 2014

Your hosts are photographers Dan Burkholder and Elmo Sapwater. This podcast was recorded in the Catskills located in New York State.

Snapping Cat Podcast April 2014


Companies and Individuals Mentioned in this Podcast include: OlloClip/Schneider/Nikon/Canon/Olympus/Epson/Trojan/Ztylus/iZZi Gadgets/Adobe/Bell & Howell/Fujifilm//Elmo Company/PhotoWizard/Photojojo/ReadyCase/Sony/Peterson’s/Apple/Vivid HDR/Jack Davis/Robin Saganoff


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Gadgets:: Jawbone ERA headset lightweight, fits great


ERA HD AudioJawbone’s new ERA Bluetooth headset has to be one of the lightest available and works flawlessly right out of the box. The internal Lithium-ion battery will give you about 4 hours of use for calls, music, podcasts or hands-free smartphone commands. It charges with a microUSB connection or can be purchased with a charging case to double the amount of talk time.Overall, the performance was great on both ends of the phone calls I made to test it. Using Siri on my iPhone was no problem using the ERA’s multi-function button. Callers heard me loud and clear and that’s a credit to the Military-grade NoiseAssassin technology in the headset designed to eliminate background noise. Included with the headset (1.83 by 0.83 by 0.51 inches and 0.21 ounces) are four different sized earbuds (1 left, 3 right) to ensure you get the right fit.

They don’t look like your standard tips; instead they are designed with the natural contour of your ear for the comfort and stability. Once you get the right fit, it stays in place until your remove it and there’s no need for an ear loop, which is a good thing since there isn’t one in the box.

The Jawbone app (App store and Google Play) lets you customize your headset to what works best for you and lets you see the remaining battery level. The ERA can be paired with two devices simultaneously.

Details: $99.99 for the headset or $129.99 with the charging case;


Griffin Square Reader CaseUsing credit cards with the Square Reader on a smartphone is pretty common but misplacing or losing the tiny 1-inch square device is also common. Square has combined the device and built-in storage from Griffin Technology to co-develop the Griffin Merchant Case plus Square Reader. The silicone protective case is now available for the iPhone 5/5s with a non-slip finish and extra protective corners in the event of accidental drops or bumps.

What makes the case unique is a slot in the back of the case to store the reader when it’s not in use. All your phone’s controls and touchscreen are fully accessible when the case is on.

Details: $19.99,


IN1 multi tool utilityAnother innovative smartphone case is the IN1 multi-tool utility case.

The case gives you a built-in mini-tool kit. Included are screwdrivers (Philips and regular), tweezers, scissors, a nail file, toothpick and even a pair of pens (red and blue). They won’t work on heavy construction but are described by the company as being “helpful with everyday tasks,” such at tightening eyeglass screws or removing lettuce from your teeth.

As for the case, it protects the phone and gives you full access to all the controls and has a built-in stand for hands-free use.

Details: The case is available in black, clear and white. As for the tools, you choose those colors from a choice of white, black, blue, green, orange and pick. $44.95,


The LOOPThe Loop is an anti-tangling device designed to keep earbuds from getting in a tangled ball that most people have experienced when storing them in a pocket.

There’s not a lot to it, just wind your headphones on and wind them off.

It’s done by inserting the 3.5mm headphone jack into the hole in the center of the Loop and winding the cord. The only real requirement is to wind it in the direction the slots are to ensure the earbuds lock on and you can get it off easily.

Details: $5.95 each or 3-pack for $16.99, available in 10 colors;

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Lack of Customer service: add JBL Harman to the growing list

Gearing up for what is my yearly “lack of customer service” column. I have several solid entries with the list growing.

I’ve added JBL / Harman to the list; Email one (JBL) who says to email the other ( PR) who says to email the first (JBL). That technology endless “don’t bother me” circle, which frustrates me and many others.

Any others, suggestions or problem companies I should look at?

email me directly

Gadgets:: Get the perfect panoramic with Motrr Galileo


Motrr Galileo
The Motrr Galileo is an iPhone dock designed for taking perfect 360-degree panoramic images.

It’s available for Apple iOS devices in a Bluetooth ($149.95) model and 30-pin dock connection ($99.95).

The Bluetooth is listed to work with the iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4/4S and iPod Touch (5th generation). The 30- pin Galileo is for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch (4th generation).

Both work with many photography apps, all listed on the Motrr site ( ). It’s updated as new apps become available but there are already many to choose from including Sphere, TimeLapse, DMD Panorama and many more.

The Motrr app is free but there is a charge for some of the others; for example the Panorama app is $1.99 in the Apple App Store.

The 30-pin dock doubles as a charging station since it has a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery. A standard tripod mount is on the bottom of both versions.

Right out of the box you would think the Galileo is an Apple product with its solid construction and white finish (also available in black).

It takes a little getting used to but after some experiments it worked really well. You’ll probably have to take your case off, as I did, for it to fit in the dock. It works in both landscape and portrait positions.

If it was late December instead of late February, the Galileo would be my gadget of the year. But since it isn’t, I’ll just say it has an early lead.



Pure SpeakersWhen picking a portable speaker system to use with a portable media player the choices are endless and growing everyday with some great options.

Jongo from Pure is really a complete system. There many options for the system’s speakers: paired as a stereo system, a single speaker in different rooms or whatever your choice may be, inside or out; multiple users; multiple colors; and in multiple streaming choices.

For one streaming option, to connect to your personal Wi-Fi network, as I did, you’ll probably have to read the directions for the setup. But connecting into Wi-Fi to stream audio gives you greater range compared to Bluetooth, which gives you only about 30 feet.

As for the specific pieces used to build a system, I tried out the Jongo T2 and the Jongo S3.

The Jongo S3 ($229) is a desktop/bookshelf sized portable, rechargeable wireless speaker (5.16 by 5.47 by 5.31 inches) and comes in black, white or a mixture called Piano (white body with a black grill) but can be accessorized to coordinate with most any room’s taste.

A grille pack ($29.99) of easy-to-fit replacements is available in choices of white, lime green, burnt orange or mango.

The speaker produces 360-degree sound from five internal speakers (four tweeters for 360-degree sound and an upward-firing subwoofer for powerful bass) and can be paired with additional S3′s to form stereo sound. More is better but even just a single S3 fills the room with sound.

As for the Jongo T2 ($179), it won’t fill the room like the S3 but it makes a great choice for background sound where you don’t want the volume cranked up.

A pair of 10W 3-inch, mid-range drivers are inside and optional grill covers are available in mango, burnt orange and lime green.

Both speakers can be used with Apple or Android devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, along with the Free Pure Connect app.

The company’s Pure Connect app lets users turn their smartphone into a remote control for your music and your choice of Jongo speaker output. This includes your personal playlists or access to a never-ending list of radio stations and music.

The app is free, but there are different levels of service within the app that may incur monthly fees. For example the Green level is free, up to the Violet level for $9.99 per month.

Earlier this year, Pure announced third-party app support via Bluetooth, allowing the Jongo system to support all music apps including Pandora, Spotify and many more. This service is expected out in the spring.



Soldier Power BankYou may want to go anywhere, and take your digital device everywhere. But if you roam too far, you will be without power and watch your device fade to black.

The Soldier portable battery is a welcome remedy, especially for the adventurous traveler. This handy 7800mAh battery backup is built for the roughest environments with a waterproof, rugged shook-proof body.

It’s built with a standard USB and a microUSB port for charging portable electronics on the go and a flashlight with SOS functionality. LED indicators display the remaining battery life.

A friend recently spent two weeks hiking in Central America, so what better way to test it than to take the backpack-friendly battery (4.52 by 3.46 by 1.14 inches) along with him.

The Soldier lived up to its name, handling all the rough-and-tumble of two weeks on and off the trail. An accidental dip in a stream verified the company’s statement that it’s waterproof up to 3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes.

No electronic device can be a perfect solution for all situations and this had its own limitations. At an even one pound, it may be a little more weight than some adventurers want to carry. And to recharge the three internal Li- ion 3.7V 2500 mAh batteries, you’ll need to include your own USB to outlet plug to connect with the supplied cord for an 8 hour charge.

Details: $59.95 at;

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Gadgets:: When it comes to USB why have 2 when you can have 4?


4 Port USB ChargerIf two is good, four has to be better for most families when it comes to accessible USB charging ports.

Leviton’s four-port device fits exactly to replace an existing AC wall plug/box, substituting the pair of standard plugs with the four USB ports.

Its design allows you to plug in your own charging cables for 4.2 amps of power, which is controlled by a microprocessor to accommodate up to four high-powered devices simultaneously.

This can include smartphones, tablets, gaming units and digital cameras regardless of the manufacturer. The only requirement that is they charge via USB.

The four USB ports are aligned in the outlet vertically to lessen stress on the charging cables, according to the company’s website.

Also mentioned on the site is that all Leviton charging devices are UL listed and meet all National Electrical Code requirements for Tamper-Resistant outlets.

When it comes to electrical work, please take all precautions and make sure you know what you’re doing or make use of a certified electrician. $39.99 available in gray, ivory, light almond and black

SYNC by 50 Ear WirelessI’ve reviewed SMS Audio Sync by 50 headphones before so it was no surprise when I tried on the latest over-the-ear wireless set. It has the amazing sound as the previous.

What makes the headphones named and endorsed by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson a lot more convenient is the wireless feature (Bluetooth).

Past the great crystal-clear sound, wireless feature and impressive packaging, the most important feature to me and many others with on-ear headphones is the comfort. These are as good as any, if not better.

While the headphones are designed by the famous rapper, the sound is not just geared towards that genre, which I proved to myself with my 70’s channel on SirusXM.

Other features include 40mm drivers built into the soft leather memory foam cushioned ear pads and folding hinges to store in the hard shell carry case. There’s also full on-board controls along with a mic for handsfree calls.

To my fault, the headphones got buried in one of my endless piles, so they aren’t really new but if you haven’t heard of them, then they are as new to you, as me.

You have your choice of silver or an eye-catching black (my review sample). You’ll get about 10 hours of battery life and then a 4 hour charge to power them back up. A microUSB cable is included for charging. $229.95

CamRangerThe Camranger, in my mind the best third-party digital SLR camera accessory, just got better with a recent free firmware update.

If you’re not familiar with the Camranger ($299.99), it’s a device that connects to select Canon or Nikon DLSR cameras via USB to create a Wifi network from the camera to a smartphone, tablet or computer (Mac and PC) without needing an Internet connection.

This includes capturing and storing the images on your device away from the camera as well as changing settings including shutter speeds, ISO and f-stops.

Among the new features in the update, photographers now can share images with multiple devices and network bridging.

The photographer can share images or live view from camera with others on their personal smart phone, tablet, or computer using the free CamRanger Share app, regardless of there location.

Photographers now have the option to bridge into a network to extend the WiFi range or post images to the Internet immediately.

FLIR ONEIf you ever thought about turning your iPhone 5/5s into a thermal imaging device, you are in luck with the newly announced FLIR ONE, the first and only device of it’s kind.

The FLIR ONE puts thermal imaging technology in your hands to extend the limits of human vision, allowing you to see in complete darkness just as the military would with night vision.

The uses are endless. Two examples:  homeowners can use it for security or to optimize energy efficiency in doors and windows.

The FLIR ONE comes as a protective iPhone case that fits like a glove and has a lens on the back to detect and broadcast a live thermal image on the phone’s LCD. It’s not available yet but expected later this year for $349.

Gadgets:: Give your wrist a break with cushy mouse pad


GoSmart RestPadThe GoSmart RestPad is furry computer accessory designed to sit on your desk.

Aside from the great feel, it helps prevent wrist pain associated with the endless amount of daily hours we spend looking at computer screens and mousing, which results in repetitive wrist injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Like any other mousepad there is a place for your mouse to slide around but what makes it unique is a 100-percent natural sheepskin rest pad for your wrist.

The soft pillow-like feel gives you a comfortable resting place along with pressure relief for your wrist.

GoSmart testing found it “validated to relieve over twice as much pressure as other wrist rests, as tested with advanced tactile array sensors that measured the contact pressures underneath the wrist.“

The white sheepskin is available with brown, camel or pink mousepad colors and is attached with Velcro making it easy to remove for cleaning. $19.95

TYLT CapioThe TYLT Capio universal car mount is the missing piece to truly make your phone handsfree.

Just as the name states, it’s universal to work with most any smartphone, keeping it upfront and steady on a dashboard or any flat surface in your car.

The Capio is built with patented technology to keep your phone in place. There are no clamps or brackets, which often scratch your phone to use with the Capio.

It affixes to any flat surface including glass, metal or wood and even holds up vertically on a glove compartment. A ball joint neck allows it to be fully adjustable and positioned in most any angle.

When the Capio is completely removed from whatever surface it was on, there’s no sign of it being left behind, sticky tape or scratches.

It’s a great accessory for keeping a phone upright when using map or GPS apps or even to use in the backseat for movie watching.

It measures 4.3 x 2.4 x 3.8-inches and weights just 2.5-ounces. $27

Kenu AirframeThe Kenu Airframe is also used for keeping your smartphone handsfree while driving but instead of keep it on a flat surface, it attaches to an air vent.

A soft molded grip, is used to attach to the vent and it’s design won’t leave any scratches when in use or taken on and off.

There’s not a lot to it, just use the expandable jaw to hold just about any smartphone with a screen up to 4.8-inches.. It also rotates for horizontal and vertical viewing.

The Airframe weighs less then an ounce so taking it along for travel is ideal. $24.95

PULSE Felt AudioFelt’ Audio’s Pulse mobile Bluetooth speaker first caught my attention with it’s small size; 3.2 inches long, 2.2 inches wide and .6-inches thick and a weight of just a few ounces.

Considering it’s pocket size, the sound is great, making it ideal for listening to satellite radio (as I did with it). It’s internal microphone works as a portable handsfree speakerphone.

It has a built-in clip on the back for attaching to a sun visor or to just have it stand on a flat surface.

You’ll get about 8 hours of use before a USB charge is needed, which takes just over a half-hour. $59.99 available in black or white

Gadgets:: A Watch for More then Telling Time


passport-side-wsbAt the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, there seemed to be an explosion of technology enabled watches.

I’m guess it will be like a game of musical chairs with only a few lasting after the music stops, much like the explosion of tables at the show a few years ago.

One, which I’m sure will last is the Martian Passport series watch, which they promote as “The World’s First Voice Command Smartwatch.”

This is one gadget where I did have to read the instructions, which is rare for me but these were well explained and easy to follow; press this button, then that button, etc.

They do have interesting item in the instruction book about how the average person checks their phone 150 times a day. I think that number is grossly under exaggerated, but I’m sure many of those 150 are for checking the time for those with a watch-less wrist.

Once your setup and make a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, you get notifications of callers, email, social media, texts, calendar alerts and event activated Siri on my iPhone.

You can respond with the watch and talk into it like you’re a secret agent or just use it as an alert to either take out your smartphone or just ignore it for now.

As long as there is contact information in your phone for who is calling, you’ll get that name on the display of the watch. In the event you don’t have the name entered you’ll just get the phone number.

All the other information you are being alerted for gets displayed on the display running across the bottom of the front of the watch (96 x 16 pixel graphic OLED display).

The Martian watch can also be set to trigger your phone’s camera so you can get in the photo.

Once your watched is paired with a phone it will also vibrate when you they get out of range of each other (Bluetooth range is about 30 feet), letting you know you left the phone behind.

An internal battery needs to be charged for 2 hours every few days via USB, depending on the amount of use.

I have to admit, It does take a little getting used to having your wrist vibrating for a phone call or message alert. While eating lunch with friends last week, my wrist starting vibrating and I said just that, which caused some odd looks from my comrades.

In addition to the smartphone capabilities, this is one good looking watch for keeping up with that old fashion thing of just checking the time. $299 in color combinations of black, white and silver

mobi-card_w-RealCamerasI’ve been familiar with the Eye-Fi SD media cards for years and always had great success with them going from a camera to a computer, but a direct connection to my iPad has always been cumbersome and involved third party apps, which never seems to work flawlessly.

All that came to an end past week when I tried the Eye-Fi Mobi WiFi Camera to Phone 8GB, SDHC Class 10 memory card along with the Eye-Fi app (free for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire).

The setup is simple and it worked perfect from the start, just download the app and enter the provided activation code.

Inside the memory card is WiFi, letting you make a direct connection from the memory card to your device, enabling this system to work without the need of an Internet connection.

Assuming you put the memory card in an Eye-Fi compatible camera you’re all set to start taking photos.

Images are captured on the memory card along with automatically downloading into my iOS (iPhone 5s) image library, where they can be instantly sent to social media when you switch over to an Internet connection.

Since the images are also stored on the card you will be able to download them for archiving on your computer.

This system enables you to use a real camera for optimum image quality vs using a cell phone, which provides instant access for social media but will not be the best quality for long term use for large prints, etc.

I tested it with large JPGs on a high-end digital SLR and a point-n-shoot camera with both working great for photos and video.

There’s not a lot to it, which makes for the perfect accessory.

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB ($99.99) memory card has faster speeds designed for capturing HD video.  $49.99 8GB, $79.99 16GB $9.99 32GB

Paick Noble with pop-upPaick’s new portable battery called the Noble, is only a half-inch thick and but has a big time 6000mAh Li-ion battery of power inside.

The company has designed the pocket-sized battery with fashion in mind with it’s aluminum alloy high performance case.

A dust-proof pop-up slot opens us to display two USB and 1 microUSB ports for charging.

The iPhone 5 series can get up to three charges before the battery itself needs a charge, other smartphones can get two charges and an iPad once. $64.99, but a promotion has it at $49.99 through March 20, 2014

Gadgets:: iPhone 5/5s accessories fill specific needs


iZZi Orbit ProThe IZZI Orbit Pro iPhone 5/5s case has been out for a little while but I got my first glance at it recently. It shows how serious iPhonegraphers can take their photos with the hand-held device.

While smartphones don’t really produce the image quality of a standalone camera, even of the point-n-shoot category, your phone is always handy with its camera functions and instant access.

Structurally, the case is an incredibly strong outer shell of aircraft-grade aluminum. Built into the case is a stabilizing grip on the bottom with three tripod mounts to attach your tripod on both sides and the bottom. Your phone goes into a rubber shell, which then goes into the stronger outer shell.

What makes this device unique for photography is the four lens Pro-Grade system mounted directly on the camera with the company’s peripheral motion lock technology.

The rotating lens includes a telephoto, fisheye and macro. A wide-angle lens gives you a fourth option by screwing a small attachment onto the macro, if that view is needed.

Specifically, you get a 180-degree fisheye view, a 67X wide-wide angle lens, a 2X optical telephoto lens and the macro for closeups.

The case is bulky and you probably can’t store it in your pocket so I wouldn’t use it as my everyday case. But if you’re on a vacation or a day of sightseeing, a switch to the Orbit Pro would be easy,

The little brother IZZI Slim is on the way and available for pre-order for $99.99. The slim has the lens attachments but without the metal case construction and the tripod attachments.

Instead it has a polycarbonate case (black or white choices) with the rotating lens attachments. $229.99 available in black, red and silver. A lanyard and lens cleaning cloth are included.

TYPO keyboardThe TYPO keyboard case for the iPhone 5/5s is claimed to be the first physical keyboard for an iPhone, according to the company.

At a first glance, they keyboard is a spitting image of a standard Blackberry keyboard, which is a great device for hardcore Blackberry users to get into the iPhone world.

It’s a common problem to get used to the touch-screen keyboard and even do it with speed – assuming you’re not a teenager. The TYPO is the perfect solution and works real well.

The keyboard looks like the iconic Blackberry (I admit, I was a user for a long time) and had keys, which your fingers can easily adjust to – much easier then the virtual keyboard.

It brought back memories of how I used to type and it took a little while to adjust back, but after a few typos I was there.

The backlit keyboard is built into a hard shell case, which has two pieces that slide together. When it’s attached it extends your phone about a half-inch longer. But all-in-all that’s a good thing since it give you a 40 percent larger screen since you don’t have the virtual screen on your LCD. $99 They are currently on backorder and are taking orders, which are expected to be available in mid-March.

EVUTECI might as well make this an all iPhone 5/5s accessory column since I have a few other cool things in hand.

The Evutec Karbon SP series is a sharp looking and shockproof case built with a slim 2mm layered body in a black and gray weave, scratch-resistant pattern.

It’s built with DuPont Kevlar fibers, which is promoted to be 5X strong than steel at the same weight. If anyone wants to challenge that statement, go for it. $39.95 available in multiple patterns and colors.

ZAGG Arsenal 2ZAGGs new Arsenal case for the iPhone 5/5s sounds like a rugged case just from the name and it is just that.

It’s made to be durable for impact, small drops and splash resistant with its military grade construction outer shell. A soft cushioned interior holds your phone in place.

An invisibleSHIELD EXTREME screen protector is included to keep your valuable LCD shock resistant, break protected, and touchscreen sensitive. $49.99

NUEVUEThe NUEVUE pouch case is a pretty cool design and it even kills germs. You keep your phone pretty much naked and it slides in and out of the pouch.

But the cool thing is the interior of the pouch is Antimicrobial protected and lined with a microfiber-like cloth to clean your phone from fingerprints, dust and dirt as it slides in and out.

The exterior case is made with cotton twill, canvas and leather. $45 for the iPhone 5/5s model