J R Reynold’s First E-Cigarette is a Winner

By Reece Taylor, Technology Editor

The Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette in its original flavor is a wonderfully fantastic and exquisite little device. within the black box it comes in is a pamphlet on one side advertising the product’s features. On the other side of the box is the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette itself this e-cigarette comes in a rectangular plastic see-through case that resembles very much so the kind of rectangular plastic cases new ipods come in these days. When you open up the case you see directions on how to use the product on the inside flap. It shows you how to properly replace the Vuse cartridge when it runs out by a click on method. It also tells of how long the battery lasts which is one day, and what indicates the battery needing to be charged.

When the battery needs to be charged the light on the end of the cigarette will flash red twice. However, the light will flas continuously when the cartridge has run out and needs to be replaced. When the light flashes white for 2 seconds it means the cartridge is running low.

On the other side of this instructional flap is the actual Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette itself, the charging unit and another pamphlet advertising the features of the product.

The Digital Cigarette itself is a very sleek and attractive looking device. The cartridge on top is black with the produce’s symbol neatly advertised on it in red and silver with Vuse in silver reading above the red banner. The tube part of the Digital cigarette is a nice looking silver color.

Inside the pamphlet it boasts of this product as being “the first electronic cigarette that finally delivers” and that its the “first truly Digital Vapor Cigarette, powered by smart technology for a perfect puff, first time, every time.” When you fold the pamphlet open more it reveals a drawing of the Digital Vapor Cigarette and all of its important external and internal components such as the smart light indicator located on the end that lights when you take a puff and tells you when the cartridge or the battery is running low, the power unit that ensures the longest time between recharging, the Quick Connect device that lets you easily connect cartridges by a simple click on method, the Smart Memory device that knows how many puffs remain in each cartridge and when its depleted, and the V-Liguid device that contains the special ingredients of vegetable glycerin, “highest quality” nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant, and other flavor additives. On the back of the pamphlet are directions for how to charge the Digital Cigarette. on the back of the see through plastic casing it tells that “each cartridge lasts about as long as a pack”, that “the light glows white when you inhale”, and that “replacement cartridges sold separately in a variety of flavors.” Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette is a product of the RJ Reynolds tobacco company located in Winston-Salem, NC. RJ Reynolds has made such famous real cigarettes such as Newports and Camels.

This is a very unique and special device. It has a very sleek and stylistic look to it. Thats the first thing Inoticed when I took it out of the packaging. it has a smooth silver tube and a black and red cartridge at the top. Its much more stylistic and attractive looking than any other electronic cigarette I have ever seen. The device is simple and easy to use, just like any other Electronic Cigarette. On my first drag i noticed immediately a significant difference in the taste and quality of the product. When I took the first drag it felt more like what an actual cigarette is like when you smoke one. I was very fond of this discovery. Also, I noticed that I didn’t have to smoke it as frequently as other electonic cigarettes because the nicotine level was significantly higher than other electronic cigarettes i’ve tried, faithful to Vuse’s advertisement on the Nicotine factor. When i took my drags the end of the tube glowed an attractive white colored which I found to be much more favorable than other electronic cigarette colors which typically glow blue or orange. Overall, I am very impressed with the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette and its my favorite Electonic Cigarette to date. My only problem with it is that its currently only available for retail in Colorado, making getting a replacement Cartridge impossible. I would highly recommend this to any fans of electronic cigarettes and to an extent people trying to lean off using real Cigarettes who are trying to quit. Those people trying to quit smoking however, should be wary to know that the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette contains a higher dose of nicotine than regular electronic cigarettes. Overall very satisfied with this product. Only con is the imited sale market which will improve once people realize how good this product is,

Website: jrvapor.com

Recommended: 5 out of 5


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