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V-MODA BoomProV-MODA, the premier headphone maker in the land has launched two new products; the BoomPro and the CoilPro.

The BoomPro is a universal, hi-fi boom mic that instantly enhances voice clarity and background noise reduction, making it ideal for gamers, business use, Skype, or just taking calls on the go.

It’s built with a bendable SteelFlex arm, kevlar reinforced cable and a 24k Gold plated 3.5mm connection to plug right into most any headphone. Adapters for use with most any connection needed are included.

The Control Clip can attach to your shirt for easy access to the volume controls and a mute button.

Inside the mic is V-PORT technology to provide a natural 3D soundstage for exceptional dimensionality without over-processed surround sound conversions that diminish quality.

CoilPro is a 47-inch professional-grade coiled cable that can extend up to 12-feet making it ideal for DJ’s, electronic music instruments, production studios, or when some extra room is needed.

The CoilPro has 24k gold 3.5mm plugs on both ends, built and tested to withstand more than 1.2 million bends, so it’s durable for a lifetime of use. A quarter-inch metal threaded adaptor is included.

“With the launch of these new accessories, V-MODA is raising the bar for headphone versatility”, said Val Kolton, Chief Visionary officer at V-MODA in a recent media release.

He added, “that until now, there wasn’t a professional quality boom mic for high-end headphone enthusiasts and gamers.” $30 each

Apple recently launched a USB power adapter takeback program, to exchange third-party products that might have safety issues (

Ventev Powercell 5000I can tell you first hand that Ventev, (a division of TESSCO Technologies) which makes chargers for any solution, is one company whose products work to perfection and will not need to be changed.

Power is everything when it comes to today’s portable gadget and Ventev seems to have a solution making it real easy for today’s on-the-go power hungry people and devices. They even take things a step further with double the ports and some flashy packaging.

The Wallport r2200 ($30) charges any two USB devices simultaneously, including a pair of tablets that require a 2.1 amp charge vs lower power devices like many smartphone that only 1 amp of power.

New is the Powercase 2000 ($89.99) for the iPhone 5, which has a 2000mAh battery built into the case to provide six to eight hours of extra power. The case has a rugged non-slip matte finish (gray or black) and Ventev’s signature orange accents.

Ventev tangle free cablesAlso new is the pocket-sized Powercell 5000 ($54.99), weighing  just 5.3 ounces with a pair of USB ports to charge two devices at the same time.

Both the 5000 and 2000 will hold their charge for six months before a USB charge is needed.

All the chargers can be purchased with or without any charging cable tip you need and each cable has one of my favorite features; a flat tangle-free design.

Moshi Cardette 3The Moshi Cardette 3 USB 3.0 memory card reader is an ultra handy gadget to have for any level of photography.

It’s equipped with slots to download  all the latest, greatest and fastest memory cards including compact flash, SD, SDHC, SDXC and microSD.

Transfer rates are at USB 3.0 speeds and are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports and devices on a PC or Mac system.

An integrated USB cable is built-into the side of the reader, which measures just 4.45 x 2.5 x 0.71-inches and has a pair of USB ports that can be used to connect other devices. $48.95

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