Gadgets:: It’s a tablet prop! No, it’s a pillow! Actually? It’s both


iPropNew to the iWorld of “i” products is the iProp from Dockem.

It’s designed for travelers as a handsfree tablet stand but doubles as a pillow when a snooze is needed.

It weighs 7.4-ounces and has a high-grade silicone shelf 17mm thick allowing it to hold an iPad, Galaxy, Kindle or just about any other tablet or smartphone.

The pillow part reminds me of a mini bean-bag chair and it even has a zippered compartment to keep a small set of headphones, earbuds or a charging cable.

I rarely sleep on planes but I can see it being useful since airlines no longer give out pillows. I did find it was nice and steady on my lap and on my fold-out tray during a recent flight to watch movies on my iPad.

It measures 5.9 x 5.9 x 7.1-inches and is made with what the company describes as a microbead base of washable breathable polyester sports mesh fabric, which allows it to mold itself to the shape any surface it rests on. $25 at Amazon in silver or black

STREET by 50Headphone maker SMS Audio’s Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson brand has launched the STREET by 50 Over-Ear wired headphones.

They are built with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology to eliminate unwanted ambient noise anywhere, including on an airplane or other loud environments.

Each side is equipped with 40mm drivers inside soft leather memory foam ear cushions in between an adjustable headband, to deliver superior studio-grade audio while blocking outside noise, allowing users to enjoy music.

Inside is a rechargeable (microUSB) lithium ion battery, good for 70 hours of ANC use. The headphones give you the option of turning off the noise canceling and will work (minus the ANC) if the battery loses its charge.

The foldable headphones come with a removable cable with three-click microphone, soft touch cleaning cloth, micro USB charging cable, airplane adaptor and hard shell case for easy transport. $279.95 available in shadow black or cool silver

Avivo StyleA nice addition to the iPhone 5 case world is the AVIVO Rail Carbonate case, with some interesting features to let you customize the case on the go.

It can be used as a complete package with a hard shell jacket or add on the rail and/or the frame.

The rail is available in of bendable polycarbonate with a soft touch coating or a military-styled aluminum finish, which fit over the outside edges of the jacket enabling it to withstand corner impacts of 12-14 feet, according to company testing.

If you want the rail on the phone but without the jacket, just put on the frame around your phone and add the Rail.

Obviously, when you combine the jacket with the rail you’ll get the most protection along with a great-looking and stylish case.

Regardless of the combination, all the ports, controls and the camera are fully accessible. $49.99 for the polycarbonate or $79.99 for the Aluminum model. Both are available in various colors.

250 lumen LighthouseGoal Zero has announced the Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub in a joint venture with Eddie Bauer.

The 250-lumen Lighthouse will shine up to 48 hours of bright LED light on a single USB charge.  If the power goes out in the field, an integrated top mounted hand crank can power it back up.

The Lighthouse also provides portable power to charge mobile devices like smartphones, GPS units and tablets. $79.99 Available in the 4th quarter

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