Review :: Cord Cruncher

By Kat Taylor, Gear Editor

When I was first handed a pair of the Cord Crunchers, I didn’t know how to respond. I sort of blinked at them blankly, startled by the sheer fact that I’d gotten a pair of headphones none of my friends had ever seen before, and that they worked. They were neon green, and stretchy, though being the cautious person I am I was hesitant at first to pull the very thin cords from the elastic case.

One of my favorite features was the fact that I didn’t have to worry about tangled headphones, something I’d struggled with previous to having a Cord Cruncher in my possession. You could very smoothly pull the headphones from the elastic cover and pull them back in (after getting used to doing so) and all your friends would be in awe at your crazy awesome skills with hidden cords (well, that’s how it felt to me at least). Another great feature was that you could wrap your Cord Crunchers around your wrist and suddenly they became a neon bracelet. There was no more shuffling through your backpack or searching your room endlessly for headphones, because there they were, conveniently on your wrist. People would see the Cord Crunchers on my wrist and would gasp and gawk, saying “whoa, are those headphones or is that a bracelet?” and would contemplate it for a whole three seconds until I told them how the Cord Crunchers were both. That’s overdramatic of course, but you get my point.

I also was a huge fan of the bass booster, and how the headphones completely were sound proof. I temporarily was in my own world while wearing them, and it was great when I was in a noisy room and was trying to work, because I could listen to my own music in peace. However, there were aspects of the Cord Crunchers I wasn’t too fond of. I was constantly afraid I would tear the cords by getting them caught on something, like a door handle or a nail.

Another thing was after a while the elastic was worn a bit, and started leaving these black lines when the headphones were in the case, which bugged me a bit yet at the same time it added character, so that wasn’t as bad (I’m one of those kids of kids, what can I say). Another problem was when I stretched the headphones to get the cords back in the case, the buds on the earphones would fly off without my knowledge and when I went to put my headphones in I was surprised to see they lacked the buds I needed. Overall, I enjoyed using the Cord Crunchers, and would definitely recommend them to friends, but would also tell them that they should take the buds off first.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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