Gadgets :: June 6, 2018

by Gregg Ellman


You’re on the clock for Fathers Day shopping, check the calendar, it’s only a few weeks away. To avoid panic shopping and buying dad a gift he won’t want but is afraid to insult you and return it, here’s my list of cool and useful choices.

DeWALT’s Flexvolt 60V Max 2.5 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor is part of the DeWALT  Flexvolt line, designed to give you the power of a corded tool but untethered from a wall outlet. What this means is the compressor (21.5-pounds without a battery) is powered by a rechargeable 6.0Ah battery, good for up to 1,220 nails for a floor, baseboard or anything of his choice on a single charge. The compressor has an oil-free pump and a single regulator for pressure adjustments, compared to two in many others. Just turn a knob to get your desired PSI. It’s built in a roll cage for durability with rubber feet.  The maximum tank pressure is 135 PSI.  $299, the Flexvolt Cordless Air Compressor comes with one 6.0Ah battery and a fast charger for $299

I can see how the myFlipShade comes in handy for every dad who has a smartphone. The pop-up shade is portable and attaches on in seconds to help shield the sun (or rain) in broad daylight, making it simple to read the LCD without hiding the the sun or finding a shady location. And if it’s not sunny or raining, you can use the shade for some privacy from those never ending prying eyes at home, banks or those close airline seats. The thin profile myFlipShade slides on top of a smartphone and attaches with an  adhesive strip. When not in use, just tuck it behind the phone or use it as a stand for handsfree watching. $9.99 at Amazon and Target

Grill. Melt. Eat. Repeat. Thats the theme of the Party Grill, which should get repeated over and over and over. It’s designed for simple and continuous use so the party continues while the grilling goes on. How often do people want to eat at different times? Put the grill right in the middle of the table and guests can grill at will. The electric and smokeless tabletop grill is ideal for cooking and entertaining inside or out. On the top you can cook your meat, potatoes, veggies and sauces; cheese and other sides can be headed up on the bottom side in non-stick trays. $99, includes reversible grill top, 8 non-stick pans and 8 scrapers

When I was younger and my dad got a bug zapper he made sure we all knew when a one got zapped. If your dad’s the same, he must have the Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper, which has 400 square feet of zapping coverage. It can be powered by AC or four AA batteries (neither included) or go really portable with the internal battery, which has a USB charge good for three hours. With a weight under 2 pounds and a 10-inch height, the lantern looking zapper is great to use anywhere at home, lakeside or any buggy summer activity. Inside the zapper is a black UV light to attract flying insects, which are greeted by Stinger’s slow release NOsquito Mosquito Octenol replacement lure, which includes 735 mg of octenol. The lure should be replaced every 30 days. The zapper is made with weather-proof plastic, clog-free design and two operating modes; zapping or ambient light., $19.99 for the zapper, replacement bulbs $9.99, 

replacement lure $6.99

The myCharge’s home and go portable battery is small (5.6-by-2.78-by-0.62-inches, 0.68-pounds) and simple but useful 24/7/365 for dad to charge his cell phone, gaming unit, tablet or any other portable USB gadget on-the-go. With 8000 mAh of power, it will extend the life on most devices several times. A pair of USB ports lets you plug in your cables to charge two devices at once. It’s built with fold-out wall prongs to charge in any standard AC wall outlet, while also working as a charger while recharging itself. Four-light LED battery indicator are on the battery so you see how much power is left. $49.99

Sennheiser’s new CX SPORT in-ear Bluetooth headphones will help dad turn the world off while he sits poolside, mows the laws or a while working out since they are splash- and sweat-resistance. Along with the great sound, the features packed into the portable are endless. For comfort, you got four sizes of ear adapters along with three fin sizes. This will ensure you get a comfortable and secure fit to keep the sound in your ears but block out unwanted outside noise. An inline mic and controls handle calls and music selections. The internal battery charges in 10 minutes for an hour of sounds and fully changes in 1.5 hours for six hours of sound. You can also connect the CX SPORT to two devices simultaneously to hear the wireless (Bluetooth 4.2) Hi-Fi sound. $129.95

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