Gadgets :: December 20, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

Before or after the holidays, it’s never to late to take a cherished digital image from a vacation or a family photo from the holidays and turn it into a work of art.

WhiteWall, who pride themselves as “The Photographers Lab” recently launched natural-looking a direct print on wood line. The tree wood allows its grain to remain consistent throughout the print, for an impressive look. Trust me, it doesn’t take away from the image. In fact, the effect is so unusual it adds to the visual appeal.

Each print has a seven-color printing process on durable, 0.75-inches thick layered wood and is available in a variety of sizes. A 4-by-4-inch wood print is $7.95 and a 36 x 24 in the 3:2 format $161.95.

They arrive ready-to-hang. Smaller sizes up to 8-by-6-inches can be made for standing on flat surfaces.

Another stunning way to display your images from WhiteWall is their ultraHD photo print under acrylic glass, which is nothing short of outstanding.

WhiteWall describes this as “Perfect definition and detail. Compared to conventional photos, ultraHD Photo Prints offer significantly better resolution and have visibly sharper definition in the image’s finer details.” They use specific software, which analyzes your image and refines the file specifically for the process.

For acrylic, there are a many options, each with a different price. For example, an original print under acrylic glass starts with a 4-by-4 inch for $13.90 or a 72-by-54-inch is $1,242.95.

Acrylic minis are available in two sizes, 4.1-by-4.1-inches $19.95 and 5.1-by-7.1 inches $22.95.

And if wood or acrylic aren’t your thing, WhiteWall has an amazing selection of other choices on metal, canvas, aluminum, etc., and frames as well. But rest assured, their website explains everything and is simple to navigate for a first rate and guaranteed product.

Sennheisers Ambeo Smart headset are crafted with high quality microphones in each ear to capture 3D audio. With a microphone in each year, the audio is recorded as it’s heard from each ear and then played back just the way it’s recorded from real life.

I tried it while recording a simple video of holiday shopping mall foot traffic with and without the headset and microphones. While playing them both back on an iMac with a high-end Bluetooth speaker, it was so obvious which was recorded with the Ambeo headset and which wasn’t.

While the microphones make these earbuds unique there are many more features to make them stand out. This includes great signature Sennheiser sound and a direct wired Apple MFi-certified Lightning connector for iPhones and iPads.

The headset is designed with Situational Awareness, which lets you use the rocker switch to fade outside noise into your personal program. This is useful in situations like walking city streets with your tunes playing or on a handsfree call.

In other situations you can use active noise cancellation to block the outside noise and enjoy your sound. I used the latter with great success on a recent flight; they worked great and didn’t require a big bulky headset.

Each ear has a ear-hook design, a personal favorite of mine to ensure they stay in place. $299

It’s only a fan but the new Dewalt Jobsite is really cool with it’s wireless portability.

The fan runs off the same 20V battery used for DeWalt’s 20V MAX system of tools, which currently has more than 100 products.

You can get up to seven hours of runtime with a 4.0 Amp DeWalt 20V battery or if you want it run it off AC power, there’s that option as well.

Builit-in adjustable steel hanging hooks slide out for hanging and slide in and out of the when they aren’t needed. The bottom has threaded screws for attaching it to a tripod or other mounting systems.

A pivoting head is built with three blades and a 7-inch blade diameter and a total weight of 6.7 pounds. A front-facing knob adjusts the speed, which can go up to 500 cubic feet per minute at maximum speed $79

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