Gadgets :: Gifts for Husbands & Dads 2017

By Gregg Ellman

He, like me and many other guys, are hard to shop for, or so we’re told. Here are some can’t-miss gifts he will really use.

For any man’s grill, nothing beats a perfect hamburger any day of the year and the Cave Tools Burger Press makes one every time. The aluminum burger press has indicator lines to make 4.5-inch round 1/4 pounders or 1/3 pounders for burger lovers, all in the palm of your hand. It’s so simple and works so well you’ll wonder how you lived without it. And it doesn’t end there; you’ll also get 200 burger papers to assure that removing and separating the patties from the mold is simple. It’s dishwasher safe and comes with free barbecue recipes and a lifetime guarantee. $11.99

The iDevices light Socket installs in seconds, turning any standard lightbulb into a smart bulb. You can control its power and brightness (if using a dimmable bulb) from anywhere with the iDevice’s app. The app lets you set up a schedule for the light or just drive anyone in the room nuts by turning it on and off randomly. A color ring is built into the socket for instant personalization for a unique ambience. If you’re close by, just use your voice to control the light with Siri, Alexa or other voice assistants. $49.95

The bluetooth Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer actually works for anyone who takes iPhone pictures or videos, which includes just about everyone. The portability and ease of use makes the pocket-sized printer ( 5-by-3-by-1-inch) pretty cool. Just choose a frame grab from the video or a still image in the LifePrint app (iOS and Android). You’ll be able to do some editing, apply filters within the app and when it’s to your liking, print. It takes 30 seconds to make a 2-by-3-inch print. Each has a sticky back for posting them anywhere. There are no ink cartridges, just Zink film and the print, which works off of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  $129.95 for the printer and a 10 pack of paper. 30/50/110 pack of paper are available for $19.99/$27.99/$49.99

The myCharge Adventure Jump Start portable powerbank battery takes portable power to a new level. Not only will it charge phones, tablets, gaming units and just about any USB charging device. But with the included detachable jumper cables, you’ll be able to jumpstart many car, boat, truck or ATV batteries. The 6600mAh battery has 400A peak jump start current and a 200A for getting your vehicle’s battery going. It’s built with spark-proof technology, reverse polarity and over-discharge protection. An included carabiner makes it easy clip to your backpack, belt or anywhere you want it accessible from. $99.99

The Ventev wireless charging car kit is a 4-product bundle for charging and mounting a smartphone in your car. The main feature is the wirelesspro to support wireless-enabled smartphones with Qi fast wireless charging technology. This attaches to the vent mounting, which has a rotating clip and fits most vehicle air vents. Spring-loaded dual arms let your phone mount on and off each ease. The kit also includes a Ventev dashport (rq 1300) 12-volt “cigarette lighter” plug with a USB port to attach the included 3-foot tangle-free chargesync USB cable. $56.95

Clakit StrapPack secure storage solutions attach to backpack straps to add easily accessible pouches for electronic devices or a water bottle. Since the backpack straps are front facing, they are a great way to keep valuable items in full view instead of a zippered compartment you can’t see whether it’s open or closed. A padded pouch protects the contents from damage. Each StrapPack comes with a patented Clakit Clip, which wraps around backpack shoulder straps up to 3-inches wide. The pouches are available in choices of a smartphone pouch, two-zipper travel pouch, adjustable utility pouch, a general purpose flip lid pocket pouch and a water bottle pouch, StrapPacks range from $14.95 to $19.95

ECOXGEAR’s EcoLantern is a rugged lantern, wireless speaker and a portable USB battery, all packed into a 10.4-inch long by 3.6-inch rounded body. The body is IP67 waterproof and submersible and has a 400 lumen light. The light has modes for white, red, party, and emergency light. A 5W speaker with 360-degree sound can be paired to work wirelessly via Bluetooth or plug directly into aux-in port. Inside is a 4,400 mAh rechargeable battery, which also has a USB 2.1A fast charge out port for charging your smartphones, tablets and other USB charging devices. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s an integrated bottle opener $129.99

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