BuQu Tech charger

For iPhone users wary of seeing just a sliver of white in that battery meter in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, BuQu Tech(www.BuQuTech.com/Magnetyze) says fret no longer. The company today rolled out its Magnetyze™ Extended Battery Magnetic Charging System for the iPhone 4/4S, the latest addition to the growing family of Magnetyze-branded mobile accessories. As part of the new system, the Magnetyze protective case includes a built-in extended lithium-ion battery, shielding the iPhone 4/4S from daily hazards, while tackling that all-too-common hazard of running out of juice. Sleek, slim and light with elegant soft-touch finish, the Magnetyze Extended Battery Magnetic Charging System adds up to 40 hours to the iPhone’s battery life, 10 hours for video and movies and 7 hours of talk time or web browsing. Once the case is installed, the phone is “Magnetyzed,” enabling users to charge, sync, attach and detach through the magic of magnetics.

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